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I think she’s mad. No surprises, then I guess!

In other news:

Fey Winds – Book One is up on Kickstarter!!

Like I said last week I’ve been working on my other webcomic, Fey Winds, since before 2006, and this year, as part of my comics-making-adventure-year, I wanted to get it (back) in print (for realsies!) The end result is this Kickstarter campaign for a 300+ page book that’ll cover about the first half of the entire comic! It’s going to be gorgeous and I’m super excited to be getting it out there finally. If you’ve never read Fey Winds, it’s a half-parody/half-love-letter-to all my fantasy tropes, JRPGs, D&D and anime, wrapped around a core story about adventure, curses, enduring friendship and angry primordial gods with great hair and a fierce mascara game. I am stoked for the finished product, and so overwhelmed with the support I’ve gotten so far! (You guys rock and I love you all!)
Fey Winds - Book One

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