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Another look at the mysterious hipster hobo space elf in the cemetery. I wonder how Farah will react….? ;)

In other news…

Fey Winds Book 1

Fey Winds – Book One is up on Kickstarter!!

So for people who might know, I’ve been working on my other webcomic, Fey Winds, since before 2006! It was my first attempt at webcomics, it’s still updating, and now that I’m getting a bit closer to the end of the story, I want to put it back in print! This campaign is for one big book that covers the first half of the story, 300(ish) pages of comics (with another book, the second half of the story coming one day in a year or two when I wrap up Fey Winds, hopefully)! I can’t really overstate how much this comic means to me, I’ve been doing it since I was just out of school! My art and writing have evolved so much over the years, and most of how far I’ve come is due to Fey Winds, and meeting people at cons, talking online, reading your comments over the years… it means the world to me! So anyway, I hope you’ll like this book, whether you’re a long-time reader, a new reader or someone who just wants a fancy doorstop! ;)

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