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Page 138 published on No Comments on Page 138

Here we have Orion and Farah demonstrating proper social distancing….

Ok I’m kidding, but for real… I hope you guys are doing alright in these crazy days. I’m fine and the day job has gone fully remote while we wait out this plague (hopefully not for toooo long). I wish I had more time to make comics to help folks pass the time in isolation, but I suppose since we’re all losing the meaning of time anyway… Nothing more to add except stay safe and wash your hands!!


Bookpocalypse!! published on 3 Comments on Bookpocalypse!!

Hey guys! There won’t be a page of Shattered Starlight this week because of all these monsters currently occupying every available centimeter of open floor in my appartment! These are the Fey Winds Kickstarter books, all packed up and waiting for shipping labels (no I don’t actually know how I’m going to get these back down the stairs…)

(If any backers are wondering, I’m going to start sending them out this week once I get back from a quick micro-vacation to soothe my aching every-single-part-of-my-corporeal-husk)

Regular updates will resume next week!!

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