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farahFarah Shaughnessy, former leader of the magical girl team the Star Guardians. Her title was Arcturus, Guardian of Heaven. Her astral weapon never manifested, instead imbuing her hockey stick (actually a hand-me-down from a much taller brother) with her magical girl powers. Has an affinity for combat, mobility and offensive magic, as demonstrated by her tendency to use the attack spell Lance of the Northern Lights in inappropriate situations.


empressThe Empress Celestial, regional chief of the Bureau of Magical Girl Affairs. Leader and coordinator of magical girl teams in her district, in plain terms: Farah’s boss. The Empress isn’t usually as hands-on with individual teams and soldiers as she is with Farah, but to be fair, few other magical girls are as much a pain in her ass as Farah is. Dislikes excessive paperwork, lawyers, Montreal winters.


bunnyLepus, Guide of the Skies, also known as Bunny, is the mascot and handler of the Star Guardians. Her job was to mentor and support them, and keep them out of trouble as much as possible. Obviously, it didn’t go so well. Since the Star Guardians have been inactive but not officially disbanded for the past ten years, Bunny hasn’t had a lot of mentoring to do. Plus she’s always known that keeping Farah out of trouble was a lost cause. She enjoys daytime TV, drunk-texting Farah,  and making enough money to keep herself stocked in booze by buying and selling obscure erotic fan-comics on internet auction sites.

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