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The comic

Farah Shaughnessy is a magical girl. Or rather, she was a magical girl. Now, instead of saving Montreal from the forces of Chaos and Entropy, she’s just trying to hold down a decent job to pay her rent and still trying to get her life together a decade after the breakup of her team. When strange things start happening around her and old enemies start to reappear, Farah has to make a choice: face the things she’s been running from all these years or put down her astral weapon hockey stick and walk away for good.

Shattered Starlight is an online graphic novel. It is intended for older teen/mature audiences, and will eventually contain violence, profanity, sex and general NSFW-ness.

The author

Nicole Chartrand is a concept artist in the game industry by day, and a comic creator by every other waking moment pretty much. She has a lot of feelings about video games, comics, manga, anime and fantasy/sci-fi novels. She lives in Montreal with her spouse, is probably drinking coffee right now and will definitely talk your ear off about Bloodborne if you give her half a chance.

She also draws and writes the fantasy adventure webcomic Fey Winds, which also updates weekly!
Twitter: @mocha_zombie
Email: feywinds at gmail .com

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