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Valor Anthology 2 Preview

Valor Anthology 2 Preview published on 7 Comments on Valor Anthology 2 Preview

We interrupt your regularly scheduled cliffhanger to bring a different one!

This is a preview of the comic I’ve got in the upcoming Valor Anthology Vol. 2, currenly on Kickstarter! It’s a collection of short comics, short standalone comics and illustrations, LGBTQ+ friendly, based on fairy tales with female protagonists. Before I go any farther, I’ll say this:

There are only 3 days left in the campaign, so if this book seems like your jam, I’d love for you to pick it up!!

With that out of the way, I also want to add that I’ve seen a lot of the art and stories going into this book, and it will be MASSIVELY GORGEOUS! Plus it’ll be printed by the same folks who printed Fey Winds Book 1, so the physical books themselves will also be great quality!

Plus we are almost at our second stretch goal!! I can’t wait to see the finished books, and I hope you guys will check out the KS campaign before it ends! <3

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