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Page 85 published on 21 Comments on Page 85

So I need to triple-check just to be sure, but I *think* this is the first time Farah has actually laughed on a page of the comic…. It only took her 85 pages, and it’s not even a nice laugh…. XD

And I’m gonna go ahead and repost this from last week:

Check it out: this year I had the chance to work on a short comic for The Valor Anthology 2 and the book just launched on Kickstarter! I’m really proud of my story in this one, and I got to take a peek at what everybody else turned in… so let me say that this book is going to be INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to have the finished thing in my hands, and if you liked Valor 1, enjoy fairy tales and kick ass art and stories, consider picking the second volume up!!

In the meantime, have a very small sneak peek!

sneak peek




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