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For those wondering, Cégep is our no-man’s-land-school between high school (which ends at grade 11 here) and university. You can get a cégep degree that’s good for work (a 3 year technical program) or as a mandatory bridge between secondary school and university (in which case it’s a 2 year program). It’s basically our “figure your shit out” college. I’ve got 2 of them, a pre-uni course in western history (I was still operating under the assumption that I had no future in art as a career and was angling for journalism….) and, once I realized that I was only going to my lectures because there were desks and I could draw in class, I took my second, a college diploma in traditional 2D animation (which was a fuck of a lot more fulfilling, let me tell you!)

(it was also 5000% more stressful and mentally/physically exhausting but that’s a story for another day!)



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