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Splish splash, Farah doesn’t do up her shoelaces very well…

Also Happy New Year!! It’s 2020, I got a cold over the holidays and it seems like every 2-3 weeks there’s a new giant deadline to contend with at work… so I haven’t managed to catch up to a regular posting schedule yet. (that much is obvious!) I’m still trucking though, and despite the world being relentlessly awful in the new year, things are pretty good on my end and I’m looking forward to the year to come! There’s lots of stuff I’m working on offline, some comics-related, some not, and some work-related (my game should be out soon-ish, aaaaa!!!). and hopefully you guys will continue to be patient with me as I find a sustainable pace to juggle all this stuff at…

Thanks again for reading, and I hope 2020 treats us all right!!

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