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Lily is tired of all these surprises, Farah!

In other news, this year I had the chance to work on a short comic for The Valor Anthology 2 and the book just launched on Kickstarter! I’m really proud of my story in this one, and I got to take a peek at what everybody else turned in… so let me say that this book is going to be INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to have the finished thing in my hands, and if you liked Valor 1, enjoy fairy tales and kick ass art and stories, consider picking the second volume up!!

In the meantime, have a very small sneak peek!

sneak peek




  • Mujaki

    I love magical girl shows, but the one thing I always found unintentionally hilarious…
    “Three Word Attack!”
    “Roll Stock Footage!”

    • You can save a lot of production time and money that way, as well as cut down on the amount of writing per episode. Same with transformation sequences.

      • In “Footloose“, one of the magical girls in the School of Marketable Magic lost points on her transformation sequence with implied nudity because she couldn’t manage to “implied” part…

  • Irene Barrasa Ramos

    I like the “Icy mist kiss” :) :)

    • Browser

      I’m still mystified as to what “sparkle heart glow” does… Gonna skip re-reading the page for a 5th time though, it doesn’t seem to help.

      • Ebonbolt

        It sparkles.
        And glows.

        Might be some kind of dazing attack (those centipedes have a lot of eyes).

      • Lara Putnam

        +3 Tarketing to all attack spells.

  • Nikary Flare

    And no one notices any of that xD

    Is no one really even going to notice a centipede corpse right there on the floor in plain sight?

    • Chaos85

      Reality blinders. Bit of magic, bit of “you wouldn’t even believe it if you saw it” and thus, it doesn’t exist. Except I guess after repeated daily exposure it does wear off, according to what Farah said about the ticket guys.

      • Nikary Flare

        Yeah, I know, just finding it hilarious.

    • Notice that the guy with the bison head is pretending he doesn’t notice either…

      • Nikary Flare

        Haha, yeah xD

    • WaytoomanyUIDs

      The floors always a bit sticky

      • Nikary Flare

        Phahaha xD

  • Darsara

    Well, that’s a better reason for transit being down than is usually given (how can they break the buses in my town that often!?).

    • Ebonbolt

      Makes me wonder what kind of supernatural explanation would come up for other oft-occurring inconveniences (no matter what city they might happen in). Sudden blizzard in Chicago? Frost fairy attack. Blackout in KC? Alien scientist charging his latest superweapon. Car collision in St. Louis that stalls traffic for 3 hours? Nah, that’s just an idiot driver. But a group of Cthonian beings drew on the angry energy to launch an attack on the Arch!

  • Lara Putnam

    Weelll the Trope or memes control the story actions, don’t ya know? Just like the Magic aura keeps the norms for seeing or remembering all the noise, Tho I do wonder if there organizations that do the clean up and try to keep the chaos in control, and keep tabs on the hijinks errr girls.

    • noerartnoe

      Wasn’t there a (web?)comic about that? An org that were basically janitors cleaning up after all the insane shit caused by supers and the like?

      • Lara Putnam

        Might be, if there was I have not read it, but then we have MIB so I guess there would be X files or other similar organizations.

  • Nikary Flare

    Do they just shrug THAT off, too? xD

  • noerartnoe

    This has probably been said before, but…I love Farah’s blas√© attitude towards this.

  • ThatoneHarlequin

    Immediately accepting this reason as to why the metro is constantly down.

  • Skeletal Undead

    I was wondering, if the monsters themselves are retired, does that mean magical girls can become friends with their old enemies?

  • Vezera

    Maybe try dehumidifiers. They may not like it if it isn’t damp. Also, I’ve backed Valor, and I’m very excited to read your story in it!

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