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Farah’s action-packed, high-octane………… subway commute!

Speaking of high-octane things: this weekend I’ll be in Toronto for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! If you’re in town come by the Toronto Reference Library for an amazing time full to bursting with awesome indie comics, and it’s free to get in to as well! :D



  • Paul Stefanini

    Farrah with hair up is my new jam

  • kewdle

    World building question: does *everyone* see the frog lady? Or do they just not notice her, the way people forget seeing magical girls?

    • Zarely

      I’m glad someone else was seeing this

      • Derrick Keith Feemster

        i think they explained this before…. but im too lazy to reread it to answer at this point lol.

    • JFD

      I’m assuming they don’t see her because of the spells or whatever makes normal people not notice/forget non-normal things. There’s also a dude with a 3rd eye on his forehead.

    • Thomas Cranor

      I didn’t notice until you pointed her our. I did, however, notice the three eyed person.

    • Jac

      I believe it works like a glamour charm.

    • You might not even need a glamour spell. We see what we expect to see, c.f. the guy in the gorilla suit walking through the basketball game. (See – I’ve seen this done on an unsuspecting audience and it works)

      • patchy

        Once you know to look for the gorilla, its not really hard. Granted keeping count of the passes like the video wants you to is hard to remember once the gorilla come out.

        • If you know to watch for the gorilla, this is not the experiment you’re looking for ;)

    • Ilmari

      I’ve seen plenty of froggy people around, myself. Only usually the description applies a little more… figuratively.

      • Ilmari

        Also, I’m known to keep the company of tuque-wearing murderbirds, so maybe I’m not the best person to set the standard of *normal* :p

    • Honza Prchal

      and third eye commuter …

  • Hmmm ^ 3

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    Is that the artist I see, reflected in those gigantic eyes in panel 1? :D

    Looks like the cafe is a popular place with the magical crowd. I gotta wonder what the average magic to mundane ratio is, in the city and just around the world in general.

    (Also, I’m not sure why I never really thought much about Farah’s shoes being colored too.)

  • Delta-v

    I’m wondering if Lily can see those extra-human folks now even when she isn’t with the Magical Girls….

    • I was thinking that earlier.
      Did the attack/event trigger her “sight”, or does it fall under the “things we chose NOT to see” umbrella?
      Are all “normies” (or at a certain amount of the population) capable of “seeing” the other-worldly visitors, but that they just do not choose too?
      Dear Rod Sterling,

  • maeverin

    Is that a former sailor scout bottom right?

  • I love Farah’s face in panel 1!

    Also interesting things going on with halftone dots.

  • Ilmari

    Always nice to see a bit more of life in Montreal. Today: piles of snow and packed metro trains.

    Really, it must snow alot there! Only time I’ve seen snow pile like that was one winter I spent in Brugge.

    . . .

    Trying to work out why of the girls in that last panel, one has coloured hair *and* jewelry, while the other has only the latter. Maybe I’m just overthinking a meaning to the coloured-ness of things.

    • They’re cameos from Patreon, the one with the coloured hair is a magical girl RPG character with a red & black colour scheme I wanted to make sure was recognizable ;)

      • Ilmari

        That makes sense. And it has occurred to me that I never commented before on the obvious fact that Farah’s boots are coloured as well as her hair…

  • That Cardcaptor Sakura headband though <3

  • Nightstiched

    wait… why isn’t everyone talking about the fact that there is another people with colored hair????

  • Paul Stefanini

    I would just like to say that, as a recovering man trying to get his confidence back, I would ask Farah out to dinner. If the opportunity presented itself, I mean…

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “Don’t get too close, the illusion doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.”

  • This is a great picture of a person simply going through the motions. You really captured the emotion (or lack there of) in the first panel.
    Many vets live like this daily; and if we think about too much, life implodes on us.
    By the way, great job on the “Frog-lady’s” eyes.

    • Curt Clark

      I now have the opening song from Buffy’s musical episode in my head.

  • Vezera

    I continue to totally dig all these aesthetics here.

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