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  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Oh crap, she has a name!
    That means she either will die horribly after we get attached to her character, or she is some lynchpin in The Big Baddies™©® plan!
    “I just want a date!” – Big Baddie

    • Or she is the big baddie, using the disguise of a scared young woman to get them to let their guard down.

      Or this is some gigantic practical joke by the Empress Celestial, inspired by drinking one too Tim Hortons cappuccino concoctions.

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        One too many Jeager bombs during the holiday party?

        • Delta-v

          Jager bombs? That’s more Farah’s handler/mascot/plush bunny toy, Lepus’ speed.

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    OK, I’m already seeing her clinging to our lone male hero, his chef’s knife held at ready, while weirdly romantic wind sweeps their hair. The rest of the Rangers, making eye rolls. The Leather-Star-whatever survivors hate-making-out in the background (is hate-making-out a thing?), their shiny gear making squeaky noises.

    • icekatze

      hi hi

      He’s actually not even scowling a little! You can color me surprised.

      • Nightstiched

        Yeah, I’m surprised too!

        He’s much cuter this way…

    • Larkle

      …Why would she cling to the guy in particular?

  • What’s up with that background?

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    “The dame had long dark hair and a look deep down in her eyes. It was the kind of look that reaches out and tries to make you care, even when you should know better. Oh yes, she was trouble, trouble from the moment she walked in out of the cold. The only question was, how deep would go?”

    Your panel composition is just so good! Putting Fred in panel one? I’m not sure I’d have ever thought to do that when she doesn’t even have a speaking role, but it breaks up the flatness so well. And those eyes in the last panel…

  • Thomas Cranor

    Lilly just got a promotion from bystander to plot character!

    She’s not terribly pleased by it.

  • Frank T. Morgan

    Uh…okay. She is trouble, or she’s in trouble — which is it? (You’re freaking me out right now…well, not really, I’m kidding — waitaminnit, what if it’s both?)

  • David Olie

    I don’t suppose it’s significant that the Flower Rangers have a woman with the name “Lily” in their café…

    • FennecFyre


    • Nick deJager

      Been there, Nicole shot it down.
      So it’s probably true.

  • Thorin Schmidt

    So, Farah’s team has colored hair, the Rangers have colored eyes, but if Lily IS some kind of Magical Girl or descendant…. wouldn’t she have colored *something* ?

    • maeverin

      maybe her trinket was keeping her magical-ness in check and she’ll have a big “waking to her powers” moment. Her left elbow will be colored.

    • Some element of her clothing could be coloured. Or she has a giant tattoo on her back that’s coloured, but currently hidden by her sweater.

    • If she were any kind of magical girl/entity she’d have a coloured something* (and it would most likely be visible on the page since it’s more of a sign for readers than for the other characters who don’t have to see the strange hair/eye colours to sense the magic). But if she were a descendant of a magical girl, she wouldn’t necessarily have any colour, since she wouldn’t necessarily be magical herself. (Descendants of magical girls have higher chances of getting suckerpunched by destiny and becoming magical girls themselves, but it’s not a guaranteed thing at all)

      *I didn’t give any colour splash to the evil minion monsters because they’re obviously not humans, so that’s the one exception to the rule I guess XD

  • Vezera

    Uh-uh. She has a name now. Now the monsters are definitely not going to leave her alone!

  • Delta-v

    ^^ !

  • Thinking about it maybe she’s the Naru/Molly of some magical girls group, the normal human best friend of the leader. They always end up being targeted/turned into an evil version of themselves who fights the heroes at least once in a series.

  • Probably have to keep an eye on her. Does she know how to make coffee?

  • Derrick Keith Feemster

    IN a plot that suggests i might get killed or hurt…. Yeah that is agreeable.

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    I suppose one reason for the Bystander Magic not working would be if she’s not a bystander, and she’s actually an agent of evil, on an undercover mission to lure the magical girls into a trap. You’d have to be pretty evil to pull off a plan like that.

    • That is conceivable, but it would be very difficult, not to mention against a bunch of rules! (Despite being evil, most of the forces of evil do follow at least some of the rules) ;)

      • Storel

        So they’re mostly Lawful Evil, instead of Chaotic Evil? “Well, isn’t that conveeeenient!”

      • icekatze

        hi hi

        I sort of got that impression as far back as Page 4 or 5, seeing the various evil villains wearing big officious looking crowns, or wearing big flashy capes with an air of nobility, but I wasn’t sure that extended all the way across the board.

        Perhaps it is also against the rules to attack during someone’s transformation sequence? :P

  • Grey Heart

    Welp, you named her, Ms Chartrand. Now you’re stuck with crazy-eyes… foreeeeever

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