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For those wondering, Cégep is our no-man’s-land-school between high school (which ends at grade 11 here) and university. You can get a cégep degree that’s good for work (a 3 year technical program) or as a mandatory bridge between secondary school and university (in which case it’s a 2 year program). It’s basically our “figure your shit out” college. I’ve got 2 of them, a pre-uni course in western history (I was still operating under the assumption that I had no future in art as a career and was angling for journalism….) and, once I realized that I was only going to my lectures because there were desks and I could draw in class, I took my second, a college diploma in traditional 2D animation (which was a fuck of a lot more fulfilling, let me tell you!)

(it was also 5000% more stressful and mentally/physically exhausting but that’s a story for another day!)



  • That was exactly what i was wondering. Thank you.

  • Does Miss Hard-Head have a cold, or a cocaine habit?

    • She’s been crying since her intro ;)

      • Ah. I didn’t catch crying. I caught confused and getting a bit annoyed…

      • Kuponut

        Ohhh I just assumed it was because she was either a cthonian in disguise or being possessed by one.

  • Ilmari

    Count down to WTF-bomb? Or is Bystander actually going to take this at face value?

    . . .

    Hmm, figure-your-shit-out college, that would have been useful for me. Instead, I spent a year loitering around Europe trying to find myself… and I’m not sure I ever did!

    • But it sounds like a lot more fun that sitting through mandatory statistics classes given by a smelly yellow-bearded snaggle-toothed man-goblin…. ;)

  • Browser

    Why oh why, did I not scroll down and read the Author’s Comment before finishing the comic page, instead of going to Google Translate, getting nowhere, clicking the right spelling, then copying & pasting the dictionary entry it put up, and finally getting a rough definition (in the form of the dictionary entry’s translation)….

  • Delta-v

    So, Magical Girls normally lose their powers around age 17? And do they lose their powers when they marry, or do they only marry after they lose their powers? Or do some of them keep their powers after marriage (Magical Matrons)? ^^

    I’m also wondering why so many of our little group are retired but still empowered–do I detect the Empress’ hand in this?

    On a less happy note, Shattered Starlight has nearly fallen completely out of the TWC Top 200! Please consider helping to vote it back into the sunlight where others can find it. As always you can click on THIS LINK to get there. (Or just look for the discreet “Vote on Top Web Comics” links.) :)

    • Robyn Doney

      I don’t think they loose their powers, that was never implied. By retired i think it’s meant that they just stop being the actual hero. They can still use their powes and save people if NEEDED but aren’t actually the ones to oficially do the job, hence the “not on active duty” comment. Does that make sense?

      • Delta-v

        She also says: “We’re a bit … unusual… we still have the magical powers we had as teens.” To me, that means that still having powers is a bit unusual. I’ll admit that I could be wrong, though. We’ll just have to wait and see if Nicole decides to clear things up. :)

        • Piemanlives

          It’s also prefaced with “None of us are on active duty anymore.” So it seems that after you retire you lose your powers, probably due to a contract expiring. This is the kind of thing seen throughout MG shows all over, the “Would you like to make a contract” that happens at the very beginning. Otherwise why would they have a bureaucracy?

        • Lily Moon

          I took that to mean their powers weakened but didn’t vanish. for example go from levitating cars to just teacups.

          • Delta-v

            I dunno, Farah’s attack on the Cthonians looked pretty full-power to me.

    • The deal with keeping/not keeping powers will be explained in time, but I will say that marital status has absolutely nothing to do with it! (especially in the context of a comic set in Quebec!) ;)

      • Delta-v

        Thanks for the clarification, but, in regard to marriage, to be honest I mostly just wanted to use the phase “Magical Matrons”. ^^

  • Thomas Cranor

    All the best answers raise more questions than they answer.

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    I’m a little bit surprised that the forces of evil don’t actually go after normal humans. Makes me wonder what those squid aliens were actually going after during senior prom that one year. Very peculiar indeed.

    • Ah, I guess the way I phrased it is a little vague. What she means is that evil doesn’t usually go directly for normal humans, they don’t attack them head-on as they do magical girls. The forces of evil cause harm to humans but it’s usually by stuff like leeching the power of their hearts or turning them into soulless puppets, stealing their life force, making them evil for kicks, etc. When they fight magical girls, the gloves come off (if one can put gloves on tentacles). ;)

      • icekatze

        hi hi

        Maybe, um… the leg warmers come off? :P

        That makes sense. I suppose the whole soulless puppets or making them evil thing means that occasionally Magical Girls have to fight normal humans on occasion. (Although even then, I guess it’s probably not much of a contest.)

  • DataProwler Netizen

    The color from magic can’t be concealed beneath clothes, can it? It’s not like Bystander Girl’s feet are super colorful, right? The thought of colorful feet made me laugh, and now I cannot stop wondering about it.

    • That would be hilarious (and yeah, I guess it could be possible)! But I think the girls would be able to pick up on her magical girl vibes if she had any to give off, which is why they’re not in a hurry to look at her toenails just yet….

      (magical toenail girls are bound to show up somewhere in the comic now, I hope you realize what you’ve done) ;)

  • tlwest

    Yikes! Journalism was the *practical* choice? Ouch!
    Art might have fewer new jobs than applicants, but at least there are a few more art-related jobs in total at the end of the year than at the beginning. Journalism? Not so much. it’s more a question of whether the numbers have dropped by hundreds or thousands.

    • Well, it was the practical choice in that it appeased my worrying parents*! And it was a bit more complex than that: I wanted to write novels (another lucrative career choice hahaha), but there were no english universities in my city and I didn’t want to go into lit or creative writing in french (I can speak and write it perfectly but when it comes to artistic expression I’m better in english). This was right before print news started to collapse, so it seemed like an acceptable compromise… but even back then, I knew it wasn’t a career I wanted and didn’t really have any intention of sticking with it! >_<

      Ironically, drawing ended up being the real practical choice, since concept art is pretty solid job (when I'm not running away from the industry to make webcomics for a year with no paycheck, that is)!

      *my parents both have science degrees coming out their ears and since I'm the eldest I think they assumed that I'd be like a doctor or something…… (hysterical/nervous laughter)

      • tlwest

        > I wanted to write novels (another lucrative career choice hahaha)

        I have to say, a life in the arts (as in creating art directly for the public) is a lifestyle I wouldn’t wish on anyone I liked. I’m a computer geek, and my career only rests on pleasing one person, my boss. And the metrics which he will use are to gauge success are pretty universal.

        My wife’s a fairly successful novelist (earns a middle-class living), and is constantly stressed because her living depends on pleasing tens of thousands, and there is no single standard of “good” that guarantees it will please her readers. Having success be so far out of one’s personal control is a recipe for stress.

        On the other hand, she receives letters and e-mail from readers making it clear that she has touched lives in a way that I’ll never see, so it’s not without it’s benefits. And more to the point, most become an artist because they *have* to. It’s who they are.

        > my parents both have science degrees coming out their ears and since I’m
        the eldest…

        My condolences. Parents can’t help but fear for their children. With luck they can sit on their fears and support you doing what you need to do.

        • I definitely sympathize with your wife! It’s not an easy lifestyle, and it seems like especially in publishing there are so many factors for a person’s success that are either impossible to measure or out of the creator’s hands… but it’s also so worth it when you can have a positive influence on someone else’s day/mood/outlook… (And it’s awesome that she does so well! What kind of novels does she write if I might ask?)

          As for the parents, I know it! I was lucky mine were always very supportive even if they didn’t always understand/totally approve of my choices! I worried them for a few years, but they’re starting to get it……. slowly! ;)

          In any case, my math grades tanked so badly once I hit the really abstract stuff that I wouldn’t have been a very good doctor-scientist-engineer if I’d wanted to! XD

          • tlwest

            Fantasy – she publishes with DAW and Luna (now Mira).

      • icekatze

        hi hi

        I was a photojournalist for a few years, and even managed to survive a couple rounds of layoffs before it was finally my turn. I’d say you dodged a bullet on the journalism front! (Although, I think Canada might still be a bit better off, but I’m not 100% on that.)

  • Delta-v

    Hah! Good one! ^^

  • Zeno Kgtv

    So many information

    Thank you! :)

  • Avryael

    Thanks for the explanation! :O

  • Vezera

    Huh. Heck of a spin on “The best years of our lives.” On a more serious note, though, I’m really curious about the “why” of so much on this page.
    *leans in intently*

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