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Don’t be too hard on them, Bystander Girl, they’re TRYING to be helpful! Farah even said please!! And she hasn’t sworn in like seven pages or something!!

In other news, this was my first day of NO DAY JOB FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!! WOOOOOO!!! I’m excited to be able to do this, and if you’d like to support me while I make comics full time (and mourn the loss of my steady paycheck), consider supporting my Patreon!! In another 20$ we’ll hit the goal of having a special monthly wallpaper for all patrons!



  • mon

    love how leon just pops in

    • Paul Stefanini

      Hah, I didn’t notice him because he’s not threatening death for muffins. Mmm, death muffins.

  • Sorry, gang, but I suspect you’re stuck with her. But while you’re all waiting you could be nice and offer her a fresh muffin and some coffee, or some other combo she likes.

    • Paul Stefanini

      She’s their Xander! Their everyday, completely normal human who doesn’t do, or know anything and becomes inundated by feelings of inadequacy!

      That’s… a rough gig, actually.

      • On the other hand you end up with people writing fanfiction about you that has you get ridiculous superpowers, and shows how you really should have been the star of the series instead of that silly Buffy person.

        • D. Schwartz

          ….Of course people do that…

      • Imunar

        a group always is in need of a runner and a screamer ;)

      • D. Schwartz

        And then they lose an eye, and leave a demon on the altar, because a future version comes back in time and tells them they are fuck up. And piles more shit.

        But you are a constant and a moral compass.

        • Jordan Hiller

          Leaving her at the altar is probably the one thing I REALLY didn’t like with Xander.

          • D. Schwartz

            Yeah that was not fun and a awkward episode to me. But as bad as it was it was necessary for his character arc.

  • Sabreur

    I’m going to guess that she’s actually an undiscovered/latent magical girl.

    • What colour was her trinket?

    • Pangaea

      The other possibilities are:
      1) she is a fully retired (and neuralized) magical girl (as opposed to the inactive MGs in the room) and that was actually her own ex-trinket that was stolen; or
      2) her grandmother was Cthonian, so the bystander magic doesn’t work on her because she isn’t fully human.

      • WaytoomanyUIDs

        3) Even more worrisome, her grandmother was a Telemarketer!

  • chucklingsage

    You know, I’m trying to visualize the experience of this lady, and I can’t help but feel that the part of my day where I’m attacked by monsters would be less disturbing than the part of my day where a room full of strangers stare at me and wait for my memories to erase themselves.

  • val !!

    gods, i love how fantastic you are at drawing totally different face shapes/facial features. it’s so refreshing!

    • Thank you!! I’ve been trying really hard to make each character look distinct! I’m still trying to teach myself to draw some of them properly, but I’m having fun so far! :)

  • Browser

    So… what if it’s the same “monsters” that Farah and her team used to fight (presuming they’re different to the ones the Flower Rangers fought/fight), but since their leader was taken out by Farah’s team (or some other team? a group group effort?), the Bystander Magic doesn’t work properly (because it doesn’t have the monster’s leader to focus it)?
    Also, feel free to tell me how horribly I typed that out. Pretty sure that run-on sentence is as scary a monster as any this comic has.

  • Delta-v

    LOL! “Now? How about now? Now? Now?” Priceless! ^^

    Bystander Girl doesn’t look frightened any more–but she does look…..irritated. :)

  • McNutty

    All right, I’m already in love with this whole group. Give Bystander Girl a name and throw adventure and shenanigans at them!

  • The crew are in process of discovering an entirely new and hithertofore unknown type of Magical Girl – one whose powers are based on Egyptian funerary practises – she reaches up your nose and pulls out your guts.

    • I would buy that book.

      • I would too.

        • I was fascinated by ancient Egypt when I was a kid. I would also buy that book.

    • I had a cold this week; I think I inadvertently did that during a sneeze.

    • Honza Prchal

      And her colour is … grey. Totally grey. That’s her colour. Deal.

  • KromactheRave

    Now the purpose of the bystander magic makes sense. Most of the monsters feed on psychic energy, so making people forget about them is a way to deny them their food source.

  • Well, this is awkward.

  • VindictiveJudge

    Three years later:

    “It’ll happen any minute now, I swear. Any minute now…”

  • Thomas Cranor

    “How about now? No?

    How about now? No?

    How about now? No?

    How about…”

    “SHUT UP!”

  • Z the Last


  • Kryspix

    That explanation reminds me so much of how Death (and other things) work in the Discworld novels, i love it <3

  • Everyone gathered around and staring at her would probably not help her forget

  • Mujaki

    Guys, she’s not going to forget if you keep ASKING her if she’s forgotten yet!

  • fenec250

    reminds me of family trips:
    child: “mom, are we there yet?”
    mom: “ugh…”

    • “mom my sibling is looking at me. make them stop looking at meee!”

      • Storel

        “Stop touching meeeeee!”

  • Larkle

    So…It’s just occurred to me to wonder. Is Leon a magical? Is it not just magical girls, but also magical boys? Or is he trans? Because he is obviously in the know about the whole magic thing. He didn’t introduce himself as formerly part of a team, though that could just be his personality… Just the acting member of the flower rangers which he wasn’t thrilled about.

    • It might be Leon in the first panel here, as two of the girls look like they’re probably teen versions of Fred and Sabrina, and the boy seems to have freckles.

      And in the first panel of page 5 you can only see the top of the head of the fourth member of the team, which looks like it’s probably the Flower Rangers, and you can’t tell if they’re male or female.

      Maybe Leon found himself in a Ranma Saotome situation, where he ended up being a girl some of the time, in his case when the Rangers had to go into action, and it wasn’t his idea.

      • That’s him at the top and at the bottom of page 6, but not him on page 5 (that’s just a random head, sorry for the confusion!) ;)

      • Larkle

        Ooh, good sleuthing. :)

    • Back in the day, Leon was semi-magical, he was connected to the team (like Syaoran Li, Tuxedo Mask, or maybe like the Rhode Knights in Kiss of the Rose Princess) but not one of the magical girls. He’s cis, and not temporarily genderbent like Ranma, just in an unusual situation with the rest of the team. There are undoubtedly magical boys too (Princess Tutu definitely had ’em!) but they’re in the minority, I suspect XD (Starlight is going to focus on magical girls, so it isn’t something that I think will have a big impact on the story) ;)

      • Larkle

        Ah, thanks for explaining! Just sort of wondering about the world set up a little. ^u^ I suppose that means that magic isn’t exclusive to magical girls and their adversaries? Is magic something that you have to be born into or are there other methods? Well, I suppose that’ll come out later in the comic anyway. ^^

      • Browser

        This was interesting to learn.

  • Browser

    I got that impression too, but sometimes I find it fun to go off on tangents of “what if”.
    (Also, not sure how you managed to have the strength to reply after crawling through that horrible post of mine.)

  • Browser

    I’ve been mod on many forums… and I’ve been on the internet far too many years… but you have my _Respect_. I still remember wanting to claw my eyes out when I was socialising with someone who only typed in “text talk” (and they couldn’t spell even THAT right).

  • Frank T. Morgan

    She hasn’t sworn in seven pages? Why the **** hasn’t she ******* sworn for seven ******* pages??

    Uh, sorry…I mean, why-ever not? Goodness me, she seems to have restrained herself nicely, yes? :P

  • Yesss… Poppies.
    Poppies will put them to sleep. Sle-ee-p. Now they’ll sle-ee-p….

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    Old habits die hard, and I’m getting the feeling that there will be a lot of old habits that need revising over the course of this comic. Maybe Farah will even figure out the whole apologizing thing… well, maybe not that far, but some habits anyways.

  • This is indeed the case, it’s part evolutionary response, part direct influence by magic over a large population of humans. Most magical girl enemies function the same way, but each team has their “turf” so to speak, Cthonians were it for the Star Guardians, while the Flower Rangers had the nasty plant-themed dude on pages 5 and 6.

  • Browser

    You really, really, do _not_ want to find out. Those chat histories are one thing I’m grateful I lost, with the hard drive failures I’ve had over the years.

  • Vezera

    “I still remember how annoyed I was with you 30 seconds ago enough to know that I’m somehow even more annoyed with you now.”

  • Zeno Kgtv

    Hahahaha XD

  • Ah, but we have seen the muffin man…

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