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  • TheMadLibrarian

    Are there any non-human individuals or teams working to protect Earth, or are there just random crossovers from Faerie or whatnot?

    • I think I remember someone mentioning something similar in an earlier post; they related it to an extra dimensional “Casablanca”.

  • I wonder if Farah’s gizmo has software by Ami Mizuno.

  • Marie-Christine Paquette

    Teehee… XD A-puce instead of Opus. Very smarty~

    • I know this is tedious, but could you please explain the joke; I’m assuming that there is more to this than simply changing the name brand on the card.

      • It’s not quite a bilingual pun (which are sadly my favourite puns) but it’s definitely a pun!

        Joke part 1: Metro cards here are called “Opus” cards (for some reason, I actually don’t know why…) and they are ICC cards, so they’ve got a chip in them for the reader.

        Joke part 2: ICC cards in french (at least in Quebec, I have NO CLUE what they call em elsewhere) are called “cartes à puce”. (puce being the word for chip)

        PUNchline: “À puce” sounds aaaaalmost like “Opus” in french especially when you say it fast, so “Une carte Opus” is a “carte à puce” and its name sounds just like what it is…

        I wonder if that’s why they’re called Opus in the first place… if so I bow to the pun skills of the transport board, I’ve had a metro card for years and never noticed the similarity in the sounds. XD

        • I was way off, caught up in exploring the definition of “Opus” as in reference to your own “artistic composition”; though in hindsight that pun was not nearly as creative as the one you (or your local transportation service) had concocted.

  • Delta-v

    Oh, bless you, Lily! I was wondering the same thing!

  • Donald Simmons

    What crazy alien language is that?!?

    • melody


      • Dreamer Hyper

        And what does he say?

        • melody

          no idea i don’t speak french

        • Unfortunately for that you’d have to read the text below the page where I translate it, I know it’s hard but it’s the only way……….. ;)

          • Dreamer Hyper

            I swear to god I have read the text (like last time there was some french text) and no translation was there before xD Oh well, guess I’m going partially blind. Thanks either way!

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            But.. but.. we’re supposed to guess and be befuddled!

    • Common Sense

      At last, high school French classes pay off…

  • Kaunisenkeli

    Some kind of detector, and I imagine it goes ding when there’s stuff.

    • melody

      : D

  • Mishi

    A-puce omg that’s cute

  • At first glance you seem to have used color more liberally on this page compared to previous pages. I know I’m not the quickest to catch on; is your use of color only to represent the presence of magic?
    I’m sure someone else has made that observation much earlier in the series and I failed to read the comment.

    • Colour is indeed indicative of magic/weirdness! :) (I sometimes skip it on super obviously magical things though, so it’s not quite 100% thing. BUT a non-magical person/thing won’t have colour on them unless I really screw up!)

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        (BUT a non-magical person/thing won’t have colour on them unless I really screw up!)

        Or you’re messing with us/ hinting at something in a fiendish fashion!
        (Fashion is so fiendish too, isn’t it?)

      • shhhh, play it cool, play it coool…
        Just drawing and smiling, no one will ever know.

  • Ah, but perhaps instead we are led by the author to be inspired by the show of remarkable dexterity by a solely “clawed” individual?

  • tinwatchman

    Always nice to see immigrants fitting in.

    • ok so I get the intent to make a joke but I would reconsider this particular one, it’s not a good look…

      • tinwatchman

        … huh? Yes, I intended it to be a humorous observation, but I also meant it as a literal description of what’s going on in those panels. The aliens are (trans-dimensional? interplanetary?) immigrants, and they aren’t invading, or feeding on the local populace, or [insert cliche here.] They’re just… living. I like that.

        I’m sorry if the comment came across as snide or derogatory somehow. That’s really not what I was going for.

        • TheSojourner

          I took it as the way you intended. But I can see how someone could interpret it otherwise. Sometimes nuance and intent doesn’t come across the typed word very well.

  • Browser

    Thanks for the comic and thank you for the translation! (Normally would google translate, but feeling lazy today, so that was a welcome bonus!)

  • I think the thing I like most about this is the non-standard above and behind shot in panel 3. Nice posing/perspective.

  • Vezera

    Yay! Magical girls tech! My first guess is communicator, but then who would she need t to communicate with?

  • Walex B

    That thing might be the weapon of her dead teammate.

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