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  • Delta-v

    Nice try at multitasking, Farah, but I’m pretty sure the conversation you’re about to have at the bakery would freak Lily out even worse. ><

  • Rob Lyman

    Hmmm….so last we saw Lilly she was looking at something over her shoulder, like something was stalking her…and now…she not only acts like nothing happened–and it seems like that last strip was only briefly before now–but she seems much more…distant than usual…and is making non-specific dismissals about being “dragged into something”.


    • Storel

      She’s a pod person?

    • Fyrebrand

      I smell a changeling.

  • Ilmari

    She’s acting a little off… mounting stress of exposure to the magical world, or something more sinister?

    Do we know what the coloured thing that Farah is holding is?

    • TheSojourner

      It looks sort-of like a compass? So I’m guessing it’s some sort of magic detector,

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