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  • CardcaptorRLH85

    At least they’re all still alive.

  • Ilmari

    I suppose I always did assume that Magival Girl villains were the daft type who spared their victims…

    I honestly don’t know if that’s true, mind you. Only series I’ve actually seen all of is the (in)famous Madoka Magica, which seems to have inspired the grittier take popular in webcomics.

    • Madoka is the more dark and gritty take on it, but Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts each died to save the world about once a season! ;)

      (it just happened with more shoujo bubble effects and they always came back because magic, love & friendship)

      • Ilmari

        Damn, guaranteed resurrection is a hell of a job perk. Madoka and co. really oughta complain to their handler; even with her very best throw of the dice she only saved three out of five…

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    So, there’s still hope Fred and Ginger to make out. (I see what you did there.)

    What!? Like you weren’t all thinking it.

    • Fred’s like 10+ years older than Ginger, that’s a nope nope nope! :P

      • Derrick Keith Feemster

        The average grandfather in the country has that age difference from his wife :P

        • 1- age diff between 70-80 is less of an issue
          2- not my jam anyway so still nope nope nope
          3- THERE ARE LAWS AGAINST THAT SHIT WHEN ONE OF THEM IS A MINOR AND THE OTHER’S OVER 25, end of discussion thanks (and no, i’m not getting into age-gap shoujo manga, it still squicks me out)

          • Jeff Eppenbach

            I figured the coffee shop crew to be early 20s, And the cupcakes to be at least HS seniors. I didn’t think that… sigh.

          • Haha! Actually I understand the mix up, I keep forgetting that elsewhere ppl finish HS later than here! So if I say “high school age” for me it means age 13-17, whereas for most people I think it means closer to 18? (That’s college age here, so it’s a lot less weird…)

            (tangentially, it’s interesting how different regions have such different meanings for the same words)

          • Or different words for similar things – here in the UK we don’t really use ‘high school’, Secondary School is 11-16, and most secondaries have a Sixth Form to cover 17-18, though sometimes you get separate Sixth Form Colleges.

            Actually, I’m wrong, most of the UK, but Scotland does it differently, you can potentially go to university at 17 under the Scottish system, though apparently 18 is now more common.

          • Derrick Keith Feemster

            I was one of the few that graduated high school at 19… Losing a year to laziness and i was already one of the older people I would have graduated with being born in the middle of a school year.

          • Derrick Keith Feemster

            Agreed and noted *nods*

  • ‘Last week’, so time has moved on a little.

    Poor Farah is probably thinking “‘Cthonians of yours’? Why are they MY cthonians?”

  • A concussion is a heckuva lot better than dead.

  • Delta-v

    “Hey, HEY, HEY, Farah, get back here! After work, I meant!”

  • Storel

    Ah, so it wasn’t one of the Sweet Teeth after all. Interesting…

  • Vezera

    One may hope for the presence of said cadets all the same, however.

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