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  • Jordan Hiller

    OK, is Sab a former member of the Flower Rangers? ‘Cause she’s got the colored eyes like they do.

    • Sabrina is Ranger Thistle! (pg 24-25)
      Which reminds me I’ve been forgetting to update the bios and the archive…. >_<

      • Jordan Hiller

        *Facepalm* OK, I think I just got thrown off by the other Magical Girls and that Sabrina seemed to be visiting rather than coming to work.

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        I scrambled to the cast page to see if there was anything different.

        But totally not spoilery, only the characters on the cast page survive “the first arc”.
        / End fan theorising, all said in Simpsons “Comic guy” voice.

      • TheSojourner

        You mean 3 entries for the Bios isn’t enough?

  • Jess Benn

    Frederique is looking particularly fetching this morning

    • Jeff Eppenbach


  • Ilmari

    I wonder if this Sarah is also a former MG? Are they cornering the entire café scene or something?

  • Frank T. Morgan

    She’s feeling like baklava?

    …That’s funny, she doesn’t look like baklava. (Ba-doomp tssshh)

    • Delta-v

      Perhaps she means that you have to touch her to feel the baklava-ness?

    • icekatze

      hi hi

      Well, she does call her employees muffins, even if they don’t look like muffins. I’m guessing it is a metaphorical interpretation of one’s feelings on the inside. Muffins are warm, soft, and a little bit crumby, while baklava is sweet, dry, and a little bit flaky. ;)

    • Mujaki

      It’s still winter out there, maybe she should try a balaclava instead.

    • Ilmari

      Yeah, sorry mate, without the article the joke’s just not there… but points for trying. ;)

      . . .

      *sigh*. Baklava has been the biggest loss to me since I developed a walnut allergy recently. Lazy patissiers here always use walnuts as their primary in baklava, and I cannae eat it without my mouth blistering. :(

      • Blistered mouth does not sound like fun D:

        Pistachio or bust!
        (even as someone without an allergy, I find walnuts taste kind of gross….)

  • Delta-v

    Are there any cameos on this page? Sure seems like somebody spent a LOT of time on the extras, here. ^^

    • The two characters in the top panel are indeed a cameo!

      • Delta-v

        I….don’t recognize them, probably because I’ve never seen them before. There was just something….joyful..about the artwork. :)

  • TheMadLibrarian

    It might just be the headphones and the scarf, but the person carrying off the cup of cappuccino makes me think of…Ginger Rose?

  • Kaunisenkeli

    Bloody hell. Now I want baklava, too. :(

  • Vezera

    Awww, look at all these cuties being cuties!

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