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  • Faylyn

    Witches? Rival Magical Girls? I need to know more…

    • Jeff Eppenbach

      Worse. Cheerleaders.

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        DMV matrons.
        They’re working on their public image through aggressive outreach.

    • Everett

      Or a bunch of formerly dead magical girls come back to life & seeking payback while working for a secondary high teir villain.

  • saarf

    a magical girl gone bad? Now working for Phaede?

    • Mara Katz

      I hope she’s alone. I don’t like the thought of bitter, traumatized Magical Women ganging up to bully their successors.

    • Pangaea

      1) Deceased member of Team Starlight brought back to life
      2) Former team leader of Team Flower Rangers

      • Storel

        3) One of the members of the Sweet Teeth, which our Kupcake Kiddies just happened to be looking for. Yay! You found them! Now what?

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    The Fetish Fashion Foundation of Fascism.
    Member name: Strypes n’ Spikes

    • Honza Prchal

      Had WWII been a fashion show, the good guys would have lost, hands down. The progressive totalitarian movements as well as Imperial Japan knew a thing or three about encouraging designers. Good thing they couldn’t make tanks (except for the Commies – but Hitler’s first allies ripped off much of the design from the West – “capitalists will sell you the rope with which you shall hang them” and all that) and ships that were easy to repair.

      • Ilmari

        I’m not going to launch into a political discussion on a webcomic, so I won’t reply again whatever you say; but referring to “the commies” as “Hitler’s first allies” is a highly innacurate and insensitive statement. Communists in fascist-ruled countries were struggling against fascists, under threat of torture and death, both before and during the short-lived “non-aggression pact” (which was not remotely an alliance), regardless of their abandonment by the Soviet Union. In occupied western Europe, too, many defied the cynical instructions of the Soviets not to resist the NAZIs, and died for it.

        I am only one reader, but I would ask that you please do not bring political discussion, especially such controversial discussion, to a place like this – especially when it has no relevance to the actual page under discussion.

        Were it my choice, both our comments would be removed from here, and the discussion kept to the topic of the comic itself.

        • Honza Prchal

          Basic history primer (I’ll drop any history after this if you prefer, but I’ve been accused of inaccuracy, and that surprises me), even before Molotov-Ribbentrop:
          Commies were on the same electoral list as herr hitler. His opoenents were the Social Democrats and Zentrum. Social Democrats were a bigger threat to the Comintern than Fascism according the Central Committee.
          See also the Partition of Poland between Hitler and Stalin. The Communist Nazi alliance is why France and Britain tried to send troops to help Finland (Sweden refused passage, and Norway rapidly became impassable). Hitler invaded the soviet Union LATER in a sneak attack.
          Even before Hitler had taken control of the Nazi party from rivals like Rohm (the SA leader whose homosexuality may have lead Hitler to purge him in order to reassure the Nationalists like von Pappen who thought they might control him), Germans militarists were conducting weapons experiments in the Soviet Union.
          This is very basic, Wikipedia level history. It even shows up in popular films, like Enemy at the Gates.
          If I insult Communists, well, so be it. I am related to quite a few. I know people who came out of the concentration camps (modeled on the gulags, by the way – see the German weapons research in the Soviet Union) only to be abused by Red Army troops for speaking German or Magyar.

          • Ilmari

            *humming to self*

            *sets up fence around this discussion*


            “Lesser Eastern Rightwing Revisionist
            (trollus intellectuallis dexterii)
            Status: all too common
            Do Not Feed”

            *dusts hands and walks away*

            Nothing to see here folk, and please don’t take at face value claims of “basic, wikipedia-level history”.

      • I apologize for not noticing this the first time around, but Ilmari is correct in saying this comment is inaccurite, off-topic and insentitive. I’d read up on history from more varied sources and avoid going off on tangents like this in the future…

        (Just for future reference and not having to do with this specific comment, I don’t mind discussion (political or otherwise) in the comments, as long as it’s a) somewhat related to the topic of the comic and b) not based on prejudice or falsehoods.)

        Be nice, and make sure you’ve got the story straight, en somme! ;)

  • Bernica

    I’d never considered how horrifying an older woman in magical girl get-up could be. For some reason I feel like she’s channelling Yzma, though she’s obviously not THAT old.

    • FennecFyre


    • VindictiveJudge

      It doesn’t help that her outfit is tacky as all hell.

    • I might have to tweak her design a little bit, she’s not supposed to look SUPER old, and it’s supposed to be a bit more obvious that she’s an alien/minion and not a human XD

      • Jordan Hiller

        I figured that she had had a lot of botox done or something like that.

      • Ilmari

        Hm, I got the evil minon vibe, though not the alien one. Though I suppose that my account for her taste (in spite of there being proverbially no accounting for it!)

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        She’s perfectly traumatic as she is, can be played up for laughs?

      • Colleen Winters

        Solution: give her Madonna pointy boobs.

  • Zyzzyva

    I definitely didn’t even consider it to be Phaede, if only because she has so much more style than this person it’s not even funny.

  • “Just let the older kids take of this” — was probably meant to be “take care of this”?

    • David Olie

      Yes, there’s a word missing there.

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    Not cool, evil magical girl. Not cool at all. Hopefully the rest of the team can show up in time to help out.

    Also, I guess this is a pretty good explanation for why the forces of evil were searching for items of power, like Lily’s family heirloom. My guess is that they can’t create their own magical girls without stealing the gear from real magical girls.

  • She definitely looks like she went through that “I need to lose my Disney Channel image” phase

  • Rachael Lipp

    I’m stuck on her “It won’t hurt you, much” line. I am braced to learn that something horrible happens when a Magical Girl has her item of power taken.

  • Jordan Hiller

    I hate her already.

  • The pansied slops* are particularly disturbing!

    *The shorts things

  • Oops?

  • tinwatchman

    … are those pantaloons?

    Also, wondering if this is one of Orion’s former comrades. Whereas he’s moved on / is moving on with his post-series life, she’s doubled down… with, erm, mixed results.

  • Thomas Cranor

    I’d consider her entire ensemble tacky. It’s probably time for a change of image for her…

  • Why do we even have that lever?

  • Dreadogastus

    Another world that has developed the combat skirt. Ruby and Weiss approve.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    This new lady is like the “aged and outdated former youthful beauty queen” of magical girls, always trying to prove she’s still got it?

  • Grey Heart

    Oh dear gods, the poofy pantaloons DX

  • Vezera

    Ummm, how about “No.” Does “No” work for you?

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