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Back from Fan Expo! It was great seeing folks there and I had a lovely time, even though I was kinda sick for most of the con (booo!). I’m still a little green and zombie-like today, so I’ll leave you with this week’s page and go make myself a nice cup of tea…

Rest assured, this new team of magical girls will have a completely uneventful evening!!



  • David Olie

    I can see stars, or even flowers, as a team theme. But baked goods? Intriguing.

    • saarf

      I think their earphone-communicators are shaped like fruit-filled pastries, so it kinda works with the cupcake theme….

      • TheMadLibrarian

        Ha! The Princess-Leia-cinnamon-bun hairdo motif? Got it!

    • I think it’s sweet(-toothed).

  • Miri <3

    I already love and adore Choco Mint with all my heart and hope she is happy and well and protected for as long as she fights to protect the earth. <3

    • Crazjtk

      So like, the next two pages? Maybe three?

      (sorry, I’m a little jaded)

      • Miri <3

        O m O

  • Heather

    This cyber lolita aesthetic is everything

  • I love every single one of them already

  • Lostman

    Does anyone else feel a party wipe coming on.

    • yehaaa6

      I really hope they meet up with our…. “intrepid hero” and end up being helped by her.

    • James Purcell

      Oh yeah, big wipeouts ahead.

    • Pangaea

      They’ve already committed the biggest mistake of any RPG party.
      They split the party.

      • Lostman

        And now they are going to be picked off one by one.

        • You guys are so pessimistic…

          • Delta-v

            I prefer the term “experienced”.

          • Pangaea

            The last two magical girl teams you showed us both have traumatic pasts. We call it “Learning from history”.

          • Matt [in Middletown]

            “This has all happened before, and it will all happen again.”

      • Dawn Blast

        *starts Sizing them Up for Caskets*

      • VindictiveJudge

        Oh, I love having an excuse to link this!

    • Jeff Eppenbach

      It kinda happens.

      • Thomas

        That’s a good comic, thanks for turning me onto it.

        • Jeff Eppenbach

          And, the editor is one of the creators on Namesake. And they have done comic anthologies with, hmm, someone.

          • I do love Sleepless Domain (and Cube/Mary’s other comics too!) but there’s no actual link between our magical girl stories! ;)

          • Jeff Eppenbach

            Didn’t say there was. Just a small world. 6 degrees and all that.

          • Mujaki

            The only link is that they’ll be sorted to the same genre on the bookshelves, when the eventual print editions come out.

    • Ilmari

      Yah, they’re doomed.

      Somehow, “sweet-teeth” actually sounds threatening…

    • Thomas

      Yup, at least one member fatality.

    • Matt [in Middletown]

      Game over screen text reads:
      “You’ve been frosted”

  • Does… does Coco Lime have braces… that’s really cute

    • Crazjtk

      I was coming down here to ask the exact same thing! It’s adorable!

  • I’m not trying to call you a liar Nicole, but they’re probably all gonna die

    • David Olie

      That’s rather grim. What do you base this on?

      • Um. General pessimism.

      • Mujaki

        They are still human. They might survive, grow up, get married, have kids, live their lives, retire to Florida. But they will have to die eventually.

  • Abyrae


    Hopefully Nicole isn’t dropping to GRRM’s levels of cruelty toward my favourite characters. D:

    • Storel

      And of course Ginger Rose is looking at the world through rose-colored glasses!

  • Priya Chand

    I still have no idea what’s happening on this page because I start drooling too hard o:

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    As someone who can’t eat chocolate, is there a difference between coco and choco? I know in some places in the world, choco is usually chocolate but not always, like those green tea flavored kit kats. But I’m not sure if that’s a standard that exists in the US or Canada.

    Either way, Choco Mint and Coco Lime are pretty cool. I’m guessing that they’re the cool athletic one and the perky enthusiastic one, respectively. Vanilla Berry is clearly the leader, being the most standard and classic of cupcakes, and also red. Which leaves Ginger Rose (also a cool name) who, judging by the mega scanners, is likely the brains.

    • Pangaea

      Chocolate = Choco
      Coconut = Coco

      • LG

        Coco = cocoa, which is used for hot cocoa. It’s purer usually, it’s been dried, husked, ground from the cocoa beans. Chocolate usually has cocoa and milk and cream and soy lecithin and a lot of other things in it.

        • Flimflamberge

          Nah, coconut and lime is a pretty common flavour combination. Chocolate and lime is not.

          • Dark chocolate and lime are a really tasty mix! But in this case Coco Lime is for Coconut & Lime, whereas Choco Mint is Chocolate + Mint :)

            Cocoa (the powder mixed with milk and sugar and chili pepper if you’re feeling fancy) is really tasty and maybe one day the Cupcake Cadets will meet the uh… Hot Beverage… no… the uh… hmm anyway hot cocoa is one of the only things that makes winter bearable! XD

          • icekatze

            hi hi

            Oh, I got it. I’ve never heard of Coco Lime before, but now I’m curious to try it!

            Maybe they can come across the “Tea Time Team?” Chai Latte, Countess Grey, Double Espresso, Hot Cocoa, and Spiced Cider. Together, they fight for justice and those who have trouble waking up in the morning!

          • Mujaki

            Put the Lime in the Coconut

          • Storel

            Upvoted for “Countess Gray”, because a Countess is the female equivalent of an Earl.

  • LG

    I do have a question: is Ginger Rose wearing a hijab? I really like the diversity of the characters and the npcs in the bgs. Well done!

    • kilobyte

      It looks like it to me! Ginger is my fav on this team already :)

  • Sounds as if The Powers That Be are getting more and more desperate for new and original magical girl themes…

  • Faylyn

    I’m loving these character introductions! The color makes them stand out so well :3

  • Jac

    Ginger Rose is SO CUTE <3 I lov

  • TheSojourner

    So… something is going to happen, but Farah jumps in and saves the day. Then they all go to the café for hot chocolate. The girls get annoyed at Farah for becoming bitter and jaded, and Farah gets annoyed at the girls’ youthful enthusiasm (which reminds her too much of when she was a magic girl). But it’s all good because they have hot chocolate. The End.

  • Zeno Kgtv

    Oh no… thats names make feeel hungry

  • Colleen Winters


  • Vezera

    Ohhh! I really like them already! I don’t want them to be suddenly defeated by Cthonians!

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