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That’s pretty much exactly what everybody’s worried about but too in denial to admit out loud!

Re: enamel pins: every poll I ran and person I asked put my two design candidates in a tie… so I guess I’m making two pins!

I’ll have them at my next convention (Fan Expo in Toronto at the end of August) and then I’ll be selling them online, as well as copies of Fey Winds Book 1 for everybody who missed out on the Kickstarter!



  • As if it will be that simple. I suspect whatever is going on Orion isn’t supportive of it. He ran away very quickly when Farah showed up, instead of doing the standard villain pompous monologue telling her he’s back, and this time they won’t stop him.

  • Ebonbolt

    Family. Few things are more complicated. Most things more complicated require advanced degrees.

    • Ah yes, but put them all together on a TV game show and BAM! ratings gold!

      • Ebonbolt

        …Which simply provides ample evidence of Wizard’s First Rule.

        • “Protect your wand from hogwarts when entering her chamber of secrets”
          Oh, You mean people can be made to believe anything if they already WANT to believe it…or something.
          “Oh what fools these mortals be…”

          • Ebonbolt

            Well, the short version is people are stupid, but your version applies.

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    “So, there’s always a ‘romance quest’, or two. Let’s say, those didn’t go so well…”

  • RagnaBloodedge

    I’m guessing that Phaede (pointy shoes and all) is the one we see in front of Farrah as she’s laying on the ground during the prologue.

    • Zyzzyva

      She definitely shows up on page 5; I don’t *think* she’s the person on page 6, though.

      • Yes, that last panel on page 56 definitely appears to be Phaede. She did start out with another minion on page 5, the guy to her left with the ivy whip(?) sword, but he’s looking decidedly run down (not to mention run through) by the final panel of page 6.

  • everqueen

    Does the method of identifying magical girls match up with their villains? Because Orion and Phaede (loooove her design) both have their hair as their main pop of color, like Farah and Aeslinn

  • Zyzzyva

    Until I hear otherwise, I am referring to the aunt as Queen Berylgeuce.

    • Curt Clark

      Never have I heard a nickname so utterly and completely perfect. KEEP IT.

  • Zyzzyva

    Also, except for the fact that magical girl-ness in this universe is intentional and directed by a character we’ve met, I’d almost say that Lily is in the process of being automatically drafted to replace the missing teammate.

    • Ebonbolt

      This… may be the most logical theory I’ve yet encountered as to why Lily remembers the Cthonians.

  • saarf

    yay! Chthonian squishes pins!

  • saarf

    Things are maybe different this time though… Orion returned to pay his respects for someone who died; perhaps the missing magical-girl, as has been speculated. He would seem to be almost regretful of his role in the previous conflict, perhaps his role in bringing about the demise of the person he is visiting….

  • saarf

    At the risk of repeating myself (apologies, I posted this quite late to the last comic):

    Orion the hunter is also a prominent constellation. He has two “hunting dog” constellations with him (Canis Major and Minor) – I wonder if our Orion here will have some space elf dogs who tag along with him? Orion and dogs were originally hunting Lepus (drunken rabbits beware!) but got distracted when charged by Taurus the bull. The myths about Orion are a bit muddled and contradictory, but many put him as Poseidon’s son (hence the watery blue hair?) which gave him the ability to walk on water (stride across the cosmos – the heavenly deep?) Some myths also accuse him of getting drunk and molesting the king of Chios’ daughter, Merope. Our Orion definitely has some women upset with him, so the analogy holds…. The constellation contains both the Orion Nebula, a stellar nursery with 100s of young stars, and unstable red supergiant Betelgeuse, which will likely explode in a violent supernova in the next few 100000 years or so. So Orion contains both the forces of life and death, creation and destruction. It will be interesting to see how the character in the comic unfolds….

  • Delta-v

    So Aeslinn probably is of the imperial blood? No wonder she’s a bit touchy on the subject. :)

    • Curt Clark

      Blue hair, pale skin (as much as we can tell with the coloring), pointy ears — yea, I’mma call it, she’s Space Elf royalty.

      • Zyzzyva

        “Distant cousin of my dad’s” = “Probably literally Phaede’s kid”

      • Storel

        Naah, probably all the Space Elves look like that.

  • D. Schwartz

    I reckon he stayed behind and is happy to be done with his aunt, though sends her a tasteful gift on her birthday all the same. Now’s he’s on Earth trying to avoid his old nemeses and making a living through Trek cosplay.

  • Nick deJager

    Evil is sexy… Good thing she has magic to keep those giant shoulder spikes up.

    And you know Lily, saying it makes it real.

    • Evil also looks to suffer from crippling arthritis; I can recommend a dandy liniment if she’s interested.

  • DanialArin

    What I want to know is… Exactly whose grave was he visiting?

  • Asch

    Looks more like veterans of the same war than an impending plot of Doom.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Familial blood is a magical anchor point.
    As long as Aeslinn is in this world, there is a focus point to navigate into this world from.

  • Happyroach

    My suspicion is he’s the evil side equivalent to Farah. Dealing poorly with the consequences of this war. And there may be a more personal connection as well.

    • Looking at Aeslinn on Page 32, I’m not sure any of them are dealing well with the consequences.

  • Vezera

    I’m guessing Orion never actually wanted any of them to die.

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