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Oh gee, look at the time! *whistles innocently*

Question for you guys: 1- If I made enamel/lapel pins, would you be interested in buying them? 2- If I did make them, would you be more interested in something funny? something cute/pretty? or something related to my comics? (I’m debating trying to get some pins made for my last con of the year, and I’m interested to hear you guys’ thoughts)



  • I love pins and i would love if it was related to your comics. I prefer cute but funny is also fitting for your comics. (Only thing is I can’t make it to any cons…. but I’d love to order some)

  • yehaaa6

    Farah, you are bad, but I can’t help but giggle. and I also think that Orion is a little more than just one of their enemies.

    • Of course.

      And just in what manner he is is related to that grave they were both visiting.

      • Delta-v

        It seems to be the grave of the missing Star Guardian. From his demeanor, and the fact that he brought flowers, he regrets her death, and may even be the (direct or indirect) cause of it.

        Time, exposition, and/or flashbacks will tell whether there was anything romantic involved, but in any case, he was paying his respects.

  • saarf

    a pin of one of those star-eyed “squishies” , as Farah calls them, would be fun…

    • VindictiveJudge

      Wait, Cthonian plushies! The cutest monstrosities.

  • Browser

    I’d be interested in a pin too… but I expect I couldn’t (justifiably) get one due to shipping. Apart from that, I also won’t be able to get to a convention either (unless it’s in Sydney, Australia or is “PAX Aus” in Melbourne).

    As for what? Comic related of course! Orion, Lily, or someone from Fey Winds’ main cast. Or as someone else suggested, one of the cute little star-eyed squishies from this comic.

  • Anyone else starting to wonder if Lily is as innocent of the magical world as she appears to be? Perhaps she’s a spy sent to gather info on the Star Guardians and the Sidereal Empire.

    • Lostman

      I’m more wondering if she isn’t simply a monster herself, and doesn’t realize it for some reason.

      • Zyzzyva

        That’s definitely the more interesting option, not least since Lily is the audience character and telling the audience “You have tentacles now DEAL” is a lot more fun than “Yeah, she was always evil.” ;)

      • Matt [in Middletown]

        That just reminded me of a video I saw years back “Rolling Bomber Special” where this dude is a hideous monster and doesn’t know it.

    • She doesn’t seem to have any colour about her.

  • 1- If I made enamel/lapel pins, would you be interested in buying them?


    2- If I did make them, would you be more interested in something funny?
    something cute/pretty? or something related to my comics?


    Preferably all at once.

    I occasionally order pins from “Misfile” – i hope to come up with the ten bucks to get this month’s, before the 31st.

    • Joseph

      I would be interested. That means a 30% chance of my placing an order, depending on a number of things. Funny? Very much so. Related to your comics? Sure, it should be related in my opinion.
      Cute / Pretty? Not my taste, but others might enjoy that.
      The things that would make me choose to buy would include the quality of the pin, the ease of ordering, the quality (speed) of shipping, and the quality of customer service.

  • tinwatchman

    So Orion’s his TITLE, not his name?

    • There’s precedent for no clear distinction betwee title and name, cf the Japanese Emperors having posthumous era names, so Emperor Hirohito is now known in Japan as Emperor Showa (Showa Tenno), after the Showa Era that corresponds with his reign.

      TLDR: Orion might be both his title and the only name he has.

      • WaytoomanyUIDs

        Showa – Period of enlightened peace. Probably the most grimly ironic name ever

      • tinwatchman

        Sure, I’d buy it. Mind you, she called him “prince,” not “king” or “emperor”… maybe Orion is the Sidereal equivalent of “Prince of Wales”?

    • Yeah, it’s his title/alias like Farah’s is Arcturus (or Arcturus, Guardian of Heaven if you’re being fancy). He has an actual name (that we will eventually learn)

  • Mujaki

    I knew, I just KNEW that they would be related somehow.
    Now I regret not saying anything in the previous update. =)

  • The Elephantman

    I don’t know if i would be able to buy any, but i would be interested in them.
    as for what to put on them I’d buy one with the “sucks to be you, magical girl” quote on it

  • saarf

    Orion the hunter is also a prominent constellation. He has two “hunting dog” constellations with him (Canis Major and Minor) – I wonder if our Orion here will have some space elf dogs who tag along with him? Orion and dogs were originally hunting Lepus (drunken rabbits beware!) but got distracted when charged by Taurus the bull. The myths about Orion are a bit muddled and contradictory, but many put him as Poseidon’s son (hence the watery blue hair?) which gave him the ability to walk on water (stride across the cosmos – the heavenly deep?) The constellation contains both the Orion Nebula, a stellar nursery with 100s of young stars, and unstable red supergiant Betelgeuse, which will likely explode in a violent supernova in the next few 100000 years or so. So Orion contains both the forces of life and death, creation and destruction. It will be interesting to see how the character in the comic unfolds….

  • Sandi Gammon

    I would probably buy lapel pins, but more likely to buy a symbol than a character because I could wear it to work.

  • tinwatchman

    Side question — is Sidereal pronounced “side-real” or “sid-daereal”?

    • Google tells me SIGH-deer-eel
      (but then, I always said SID-ear-eel so I’m disqualified I guess)

      • tinwatchman

        (goes and looks up “sidereal,” having somehow not picked up that it was an actual word until now) Ah, another star reference. Got it.

  • Rachael E. Stephen

    I would buy a Bunny pin in a SECOND

  • Zeno Kgtv

    Well, questions answered

  • Vezera

    Love Aeslinn”s sneer at all of reality on that first panel.

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