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  • Jeff Eppenbach

    The legs of a cat owner.

    • ITYM “a cat servitor”.

      “Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.”

      • saarf

        Cats have slaves or minions! Staff is too collegial… they are too regal!

    • Ebonbolt

      The long, interrupted scar past the left knee is most certainly not a cat scratch scar. I’d hazard that fighting villains & monsters tends to leave a few reminders behind.

      Nice legs, for all that, tho’.

  • What happened to the kitty’s leg?

    • Nobody knows exactly what happened, but Farah found Tripod as a young stray with a bad infection in her leg and the vet wasn’t able to save it. Farah adopted her after her operation and the rest is history :)

      • Good on her.

      • Kuponut

        My cousin has a three-legged cat. She named him Achilles :D

        • Kate Reed

          My aunt’s is Tripoli.

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    In all seriousness, our girl here looks like she does have a bad right leg or foot.

    • Delta-v

      Damaged, yes, but she’s still able to leap tall fences with a singe bound. See THIS LINK.

      • Yeah, she recovered from her injuries (over time and with a little magical help) :)

      • Jeff Eppenbach

        Yes. I can do just fine if I need to. But, I pay for it later. There are times when I don’t want to be visibly limping.

    • VindictiveJudge

      Are we talking about Farah or Tripod?

      • Jeff Eppenbach

        Farah. The way she puts her foot down, or doesn’t, looks very familiar.

    • Hmm, the scarring on the left leg is definite, the right leg could just be the way she’s sitting, but it could also be a leg-length discrepancy and it does look like it’s carrying less muscle mass than the left. And in the last frame it looks like she’s not standing with her full weight on it, just enough for balance (I have a lot of practise at standing that way).

      • I will level with you guys: I’m mostly basing Farah’s injuries on my personal experiences (though in my case it was a 3rd degree sprained ankle and not any kind of fracture/whatever happened to her) so I’m going to chalk any unrealistic things up to the fact that she had magical help with the healing (and the injury is old)! That said, nowadays she’s got normal mobility and endurance, though she will get a little achy after long days standing/walking, wearing heels, etc. I didn’t intend it that way, but she probably does stand with her weight more heavily on one leg, but it’s more out of habit than because she needs to.

        I honestly don’t know that much about fractures and trauma (aside from a good amount of dealing with sprains and torn ligaments personally)… and I’m a bit too squeamish to really hunt down info, looking at busted joints/limbs/surgical stuff brings back some bad memories for me haha! XD I hurt my ankle in my teens and it healed up back to like 99% of what it was before, and a lot faster than doctors expected, so I figure that Farah, what with her own powers and some supplementary magical healing, would probably have done better.

        She still has the scars though, but that much you’d all guessed! ;)

        (and I sympathize with anybody with a bad leg/foot/etc, that shit is no fun at all…)

        • VindictiveJudge

          So long as she doesn’t have cartilage damage then it should heal up nicely. Cartilage never really heals quite right, but muscles, tendons, and bones are usually fine in a few months so long as they’re taken care of. By contrast, I twisted my knee pretty bad ten years ago and the cartilage damage was bad enough that I still walk with a bit of a limp some days and I can’t run for very long before my knee feels like it’s going to give out. Totally fine with lifting heavy things, though, so it’s probably just the impact that aggravates it. That and twisting it. You’d be surprised how much your knee twists naturally just as you turn a corner.

          But yeah, if it’s just bone, muscle, and tendon damage then she’s probably fine by now, even without magic.

          • Yeah, she wouldn’t have any cartilage damage, so she wouldn’t have any lasting effects nowadays. And I feel for your knee… I’m lucky enough not to ever have done myself any lasting cartilage damage, but I know that feeling of “why does [x daily activity always taken for granted] hurt so goddamn much” >_<

        • I think the experience with dud-elbow should be more than enough to tell you what healing that kind of thing is like. And even if things don’t heal fully, where they did heal to becomes a new normal you rarely think about.

          • Yeah, definitely! It might also be just because I’m still healing from the elbow whereas the ankle is ancient history, but it feels like even if the ankle was a much more serious injury, it healed with a lot less fuss than my elbow did! (Also elbows are generally a bad joint to injure because there isn’t much holding them together…)

        • It’ll be twenty-five years come November that i sprained my ankle in the dorm at Georgia Tech; even today, it will go for days at a time perfectly fine, and then it will either fold under me with no warning, or hurt me so much that i can’t help squeaking.

          Sprains are tricky. Sometimes they heal okay – sometimes you get one like mine.

  • Nikary Flare

    Oh geez, the paw…

  • Ilmari

    Magical Girl-ing clearly leaves its mark on a person. That’s some serious scarring.

    The cat is cute, even with missing limbs. Reminds me of a cat I once met with three legs and one eye, that was named “Nelson”. :p

    Also, being a cat-servant, totally redeems Farah for that unicorn thing, and gets her credit besides. :p

  • Delta-v

    Actually, I read for the snark. The cat farts are a bonus, ^^

  • The sooner you’re awake, the quicker he gets his breakfast! I assume he thinks that’s worth bouncing off a wall or too ;)

    • TheMadLibrarian

      Ours just howl, beginning at about 5 a.m. Cat, I don’t care if you’re crepuscular; that level of noise at oh-dark-thirty is why they call ’em ‘throw pillows’.

      • As my brother says “Cat – Wall. Wall – Cat.”

  • I constantly tell my cat he smells like litter box. He never seems to do anything about it :/

  • Judging by that scar on her left leg, Farah was nearly a tripod herself!

    (I feel a kinship with Tripod, my nickname at work was Pod, shortened from the obvious).

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    See, there’s at least one… um… person? No, being… There is one being that enjoys Farah’s company. That’s not a total strike out! :)

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Yeah, that greeting from a cat is about right.
    “Hello human servant..” *gas* “I have a gift for you.”

  • saarf

    I like the bird(?) pillow on the left….

  • Liv

    Things I love about this particular page:
    1. Pink bed head
    2. Beautiful lamps (Moroccan or Turkish inspired??)
    3. Tripod + Cat farts :D

  • The other thing I meant to comment on is Farah’s bedroom is tidier than I expected!

    And a bit classier, I do like those hanging lamps.

  • barcod

    Ya know I’ve had a little story in my head for a while now about magical girls fighting and there actually being scars and stuff from it
    Nice to see I’m not the only one whose thought about it since it’s never a topic that’s covered even though the villains and heroes tend to sorta smack the crap outta each other when battling

  • Larkle

    I like the hanging lanterns. :)

  • I grew up around almost every domestic animal you can imagine. There were many times where I was covered in something from their insides on my outside, and I can still say that cat farts are still worse.

  • I expected that Farah would have a large amount of battle scars considering her former occupation and inelegant battle tactics, but I notice she doesn’t have any noticeable scars on her upper body.

    • Curt Clark

      I don’t know for sure, but I think most magical girls, particularly magical girl team leaders, usually have some sort of healing power.

      Granted, Sailor Moon and Madoka Magica both do it in wildly different ways, and the titular chaacter in Cardcaptor Sakura never got herself into situations dire enough to NEED healing, but still. It’s AN explanation, even if it may not be right.

      • kilobyte

        It’s generally useful to have some sort of mage/healer on your team of magicals, because humans are squishy and get injured. I wonder who it was in this case?


    I love the cat name!

  • Mujaki

    She picks the cat food, she picks the cat farts.

  • Vezera

    Man, I am in LOVE with your visuals. I just…and the love just grows every page.

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