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Somebody* had waaay too much fun with this page! (originally I wanted all the flashback/dream sequence type stuff drawn in faux-anime-screenshot but a) it looks too weird when on the same page with the regular grey/colour combo and b) it takes a really long time lol) Also, any similarities between Orion and Zeph from FW are purely coincidental (he needed to be blue to fit the colour scheme basically).

And, since I’m sure you’re not sick of hearing me go on about it:

Two days left on the Fey Winds Book One Kickstarter!! As of right now, we’re just 2k short of the final stretch goal: stickers!!

*It was me. ;)

  • JFD

    This looks absolutely stunning! :O

    And I do see the Anime inspiration, I don’t know if that’s what you were going for :)

    • Thanks! And anime inspiration is exactly what I’m going for! ;)

  • yehaaa6

    I love this. I got the anime reference immediately.

  • LynXsh

    And then Orion says, “All your base are belong to us”.

    Subs’ve filled my heart with happiness.

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    So, because he failed, he got banished to Earth.

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    Looks like Farah has long since possessed a penchant for going off on her own. :)

    Also, colors. Colors everywhere!

    • Jeff Eppenbach

      Well, they did pass notes all day in class to set this up. Did you really think she wanted her friends along on this fight-date. After fight smoochies, and all…

  • Background Character

    I wonder if this will be the brother of Aeslinn or someone of the same species as her? Also I love the anime flashback aesthetic. It really fits the tone

    • Mujaki

      And it’s subtitled!

  • Ilmari

    Rooftops, oversized moon, dialogue of dubious quality, and even subtitles! Yup, this strikes a chord with me… :-)

  • Taverius

    I like how they roof top milk jug tank has a swimming pool ladder ^^

  • Percabeth_trash

    *has Cardcaptor Sakura flashbacks*

  • Gluten Tag

    Farah was snarky, jaded and cynical even back when she was a teenager. You can see it in her eyes. I love it.

  • Delta-v

    Geez, what an attitude. Entitled, much?

    I’m always impressed when an artist can produce more than one style. When they are equally as good in all forms, i am doubly impressed.

    This is easily a triple-impress situation. ^^

    Um, guys? On a more somber note, Shattered Starlight has fallen completely out of even the TWC Top 200! Please click on THIS LINK and vote to rescue our beloved comic from total anonymity. O.o

    • Jenny F. A. McMillen

      The author of this site doesn’t seem to have a clear image link for you to click onto. I couldn’t spot it right away.

      • Delta-v

        Yeah, I know, There’s actually two of them, but they’re very, um….discreet. :) That’s why I put a link in my post. I’ve had personal experience watching what a high TWC rank can do for a comic, and I want that so bad for Shattered Starlight” that I don’t care how it makes me look, as long a people vote. :)

        • Sorry! I usually do put them in a slightly more visible place but I’ve been forgetting to add them to my posts with all the Kickstarter stuff XD

          • Delta-v

            No problem. You have a good defense. :)

            Besides, I’ve been kinda distracted myself, or I would have been begging for votes long before this. ^^

    • David Olie

      Um, I think a prince is, by definition, entitled. ;-)

      • Delta-v

        Hah! You have a point, and a good one at that. :)

  • Nikary Flare

    This looks REALLY good.

  • Yay!

  • D. Schwartz

    So an empire based on the concept of: “time scale that is based on Earth’s rate of rotation measured relative to the fixed stars”?

    Sure, why not.

    • I was thinking more along the lines of the rough synonym for “astral” and not sidereal as in “sidereal calendar” lol

      But then, since they’re from an alternate dimension they might well tell time by some weird method, so who knows!

      • D. Schwartz

        I’ve seen stranger pulled off in both anime and western superhero comics so precedent is firmly set so have at it.

        Not that you need my approval or anything.

  • Lily Moon

    O_O I thought this was a guest page for a sec, wow. Kudos on the different style.

    Also a cute touch having a milk tower instead of a water tower <3

    • Heh thanks! I’ve worked in a lot of different styles for work and fun, but it’s rare that I have time to let them loose on a comic page! XD

      That milk tower is an actual thing near the arena downtown! It’s a water tower designed to look like a milk bottle. (and it stands in for the Tokyo Tower in my parody of Cardcaptor Sakura) ;)

  • wr4ith0

    this looks just like those old broadcasts and VHS tapes… you didn’t airbrush this traditionally did you? I’d be very intrigued to see how it was done..

    • Thanks! I did not airbrush this traditionally (I don’t have steady enough hands to use a real airbrush properly!) but here’s roughly how I did it: 1- fixed-width line to imitate a micron pen, since most cartoons don’t use tapering lines (they are hard to keep consistant when you animate). 2- Softer edges on the colouring (just a different setting with a photoshop brush) 3- Effects: I won’t get into the nitty gritty specifics, but I added a lot of low-opacity blur and glow layers over the (sharp) original lines. Not enough to hide them, but enough to make them look like they’ve got a backlight from a TV glow. Then the last touch was to add a layer of noise (low opacity again, so it doesn’t hide everything) to make it look like TV static. And fake subtitles too!

      It was a ton of fun to do! ;)

  • I love her expression: “Hey, I just met you, and I am already beyond done with your &#@%.”

  • Oooh. They’re speaking in anime Japanese and we’re getting the fansub!

  • The Wizard of Iz

    This has all the makings of a story where old nemeses grow up, realize the crap they fought over before was pretty damn stupid (world domination, the ultimate cliche), have a good laugh over it and get romantically involved before old stuff comes up and they tear down several buildings in the fight.

  • Matt [in Middletown]

    “(originally I wanted all the flashback/dream sequence type stuff drawn in faux-anime-screenshot ”
    Someone needs to be retelling a story and have Robotech/Macross style mechs show up, then everyone else starts babbling about other things, meanwhile in the image a whole bunch of confused mechs, aliens, superbeasts, etc are asking what is happening as they sip coffee..

  • Kat

    Earth’s various magical defenders would have it a lot easier if they could just get the aspirant villains to show up around the same time. “Hey, yeah, I know you say you have the right to do as you will with the Earth, but see that guy over there? He just said the same thing. He got here first, guess that means he gets it?” (sits back and waits for them to fight it out, then takes out the weakened victor)

    • Curt Clark

      I feel like that would create too many opportunities for the villains to team up and take over.

      In Sailor Moon, for example, we learn that the DiC dub’s atrocious “Negaverse” BS wasn’t that far off, as SPOILERS!

      ~ Metallia, Death Phantom, Pharaoh 90, Queen Nehelenia, and Sailor Galaxia are, or have been possessed, by aspects of the same primal force, callig itself simply “Chaos” (pronounced ‘Kao-su’).

  • Curt Clark

    Every magical girl anime opener ever just went blazing through my head at 186,000 miles per second.

    But the chord this strikes the hardest with is the first series finale of Card Captor Sakura. The lighting and palette remind me in particular of Sakura’s fight with Yue atop (and around) Tokyo Tower.

  • Vezera

    Oh my goodness, the style and the…everything of this page is so perfect.

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