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  • Ramsus

    I would totally watch the show about fighting telemarketers.

    • psYcHOticHiCKeN

      Please hold while we connect you to your comic… …

  • Waylon Peng

    that is some madoka-type shit right there
    *bracing for impact*

    • totally. let’s just hope it doesn’t end like that…

      • Waylon Peng

        somehow I feel we won’t be so lucky…
        if this situation goes pear-shaped i’m jumping ship before we hit the feelsberg

      • Ilmari

        Like what? Ending once, in an excellently scripted and artful way, and then getting a half-baked alternative ending in the movie adaptation because the “fans” wanted it? ;-p

  • Storel

    I like how her hockey stick is longer than she is. It’s about twice as long as a normal hockey stick, isn’t it? Or is she just that short?

    • Both, she’s quite short and the hockey stick is very long :)

      • Storel

        Because it’s an Astral Hockey Stick, yes?

  • ExPaladin

    *Gasp!* Telemarketers!

  • Nikolai Volkov

    So, we know that Farah’s team consisted of Aeslynn (blue) Rachael (yello, or blonde), what power color are Irene and Anne-Julie?

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