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Happy 2017, let’s drop-kick this year if it steps out of line!! With that out of the way, have a new page!

In case anyone is wondering: yes, this is part of the reason that Aeslinn has pointy ears… ;) Also, this page has my first patron cameo on it! Which of the random café-goers is it, you ask? I’ll let you guess! (It’s obviously Tuque-Wearing Murderbird, duh I’m totally lying guys, the cameo is the human on the far left)



  • LynXsh

    They DEFINITELY should mention that interdimensional aliens are a thing.

    The birdy-guy is awesome, yeah.
    And what does this cool lad(y?) in french-coat say?

    • She’s just asking if they’re ready yet. I don’t really know who Tuxedo Murderbird is, but he showed up in my sketchbook last year and I’ve decided he’s now a regular at the café.

      • LynXsh

        Thanks for translating! And I hope, we’ll see this Murderbird guy again (and again, and again…).

      • LynXsh

        Oh! I’ve the theory: Tuxedo Murderbird is one of Bookers DeWitt, the one over-relied on the “Murder of Crows” vigor. Maybe, Liza opened wrong tear for him?

      • VindictiveJudge

        I love that Tuxedo Murderbird is some sort of multi-eyed bird-man abomination, but he wears completely ordinary clothing. The dissonance is hilarious.

      • sdgw1999

        His name should be something really mundane. Like David LeBouf. That’s my suggestion, if you still need a name, anyway.

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    So we’ve got a cool birb person, a three eyed alien, someone with a possibly magical heart on her forehead, and a guy with a smartphone. I knew those smart phones were too smart to be trustworthy… :P

    • Ilmari

      Could just be he’s checking the latest webcomic updates. ;)

    • WaytoomanyUIDs

      Or should that be a smartphone with a symbiote?

      • icekatze

        hi hi

        That’s what I was thinking, the smartphone may not need coffee or muffins, but it needs to refuel its conveyance. :)

  • Larkle

    “So… you’re feeling at ease with the situation now, right?”

    Side note: I really love how you draw noses. :)

    • Hello. My comment on Never Satisfied was ironic. That’s my revenge on Corny. Sorry I need to write you elsewhere, if author sees it, it will lost sense, won’t it?

      • Larkle

        Okay, sure. Welcome to this comic as well then, I suppose. ^^

  • Thorin Schmidt

    …says the girl with Vulcan Ears…

  • This brings up the question of whether any normal people ever turn up at the café, or if it’s one of those places you can only find if you’re different from normal in some way.

  • Zyzzyva

    Hmmm… so has Lily never met aliens before? Or is it just that she didn’t ever *remember* meeting aliens before 9:43 this morning? ;)

    (Also this contextualizes the Empress a bit, I suspect.)

    • Jeff Eppenbach

      I suspect the latter. Or, rather she has never registered that they weren’t from earth.

  • TheMadLibrarian

    I might suspect that Tuque-Wearing-Murderbird is on his way through to Charles DeLint’s Newford (hey, if he can have crow girls, why not a Crow Guy?)

  • Natalie Molnar

    The lure of muffins transcends any and all dimensional barriers.

  • Rebel Tuba

    Heh. Heh, heh.

  • Ramsus

    Excellent job on those aliens. Especially that horrific Can’tbebotheredtolookupfromtheirdangphonian. =D

    • Delta-v

      Just a thought, but his distracted air might be “Bystander Magic” at work.

  • Lakstoties

    You know that sound when a circuit breaker trips? If they were paying attention, they all would have heard just that noise coming from Lily’s head. That or the old Macintosh Quack sound.

  • Delta-v

    Huh, an interdimensional Mouseketeer?

    The only thing I can think of to sum up this page is “<3".

  • saarf

    heart-forehead-girl has colored eyes…. is she another member of the flower rangers perchance?

    • Two coloured parts probably means no. She looks a bit too young as well, but of course apparent age isn’t always true age when dealing with the magically powered.

    • nah she’s just a random alien! There are actually no other (current) members of the Flower Rangers. :)

  • saarf

    Looove Lily’s bug-eyed look in the last panel!

    • spas

      ugh. to me, she is a whiny teenager who is hopefully about to exit stage left. yes, she had a shock/scare/trauma, but these are the people who rescued her. too annoying.

      • WaytoomanyUIDs

        I dunno, If I’d been attacked by weird creatures, been offered free coffee (but not muffins), learnt of magical girls and then seen a bunch of aliens, I’d also be looking a little shell shocked. But hopefully a muffin or 2 will help.

        • spas

          Respectfully, no. I’ve been mugged at gun point (Columbus, OH, never going back to OH again), beaten, left for dead, woke up with stitches in my face and head. Been through a suicide bombing (Hadera, Israel 2001) and other traumas the likes of which I think most people have not experienced – and no matter how young and how stupid, even an ungrateful person feels grateful to her rescuers in this situation, whoever they may be. Knee-jerk/gut instinct reaction – it’s overpowering. No offense, Nicole, but this is either too much exposition/eg should have cut the conversation with Lily off sooner for a graphic novel/or she is a whiny entitled brat who I hope we won’t see again. Very very high school bratty…and even unrealistic.

          • So first of all, I’m deeply sorry you had to go through all those traumatic experiences. Second, no offense taken at all. Also I’m sorry you interpret Lily’s reactions as her being ungrateful or whiny. I don’t believe in telling people how to interpret or react to their fiction, but obviously, this wasn’t my intent. (And based on my own experiences with trauma, not everyone reacts the same way, but that’s a bit beside the point and I’m not going to get into a conversation about what reaction is “right”, “realistic” or “normal”.)

            Unfortunately (or fortunately for those who like her!), Lily will be a fixture in the main story. I hope her personality and the reasons for her reactions will become clear to you, but, yeah. She’s here to stay! If your dislike of her is enough to stop you from reading, then I’m sorry to see you go, especially since you’ve been a reader of Fey Winds for so long! But I still hope you’ll give me (and Lily, or at least my future comics) a chance :)

          • tlwest

            A very interesting point, spas. However, I would remind you that in media, realism isn’t important, *verisimilitude* is. In other words, if it “feels real” to most of those who haven’t experienced it, that’s all that’s required and the greater flexibility allows greater servicing to the over-all narrative and emotional arc.

            Now you are, of course, entitled to your reaction. Certainly I’ve disliked characters that many others found endearing. My only point is that I don’t think “realism” is a factor that the author should be worried about as long as it remains plausible to the majority of readers. (And to be honest, I love Lily’s reactions – narratively, it fits my conception of how grateful most of us would be to be “woken from the Matrix”.)

  • Kris Chaos

    I gotta say, my initial reaction to Panel 3 was a lot like Lily’s!

    • Nikary Flare

      I didn’t even fully realize something was wrong with it until I saw Aeslinn’s words.

  • Ilmari

    Yeah, that’s pretty much the sort of company I usually keep. And this cafe is easily the best place to be for coffee and muffins. ;)

    Thanks so much Nicole!

    . . .

    Poor Lily. Her reaction is priceless. Could be her rational mind just handed in its resignation notice.

    • Glad you like! Say hi to Murderbird for me! ;)

      • Ilmari

        Will do. He’s actually a pretty chill guy, even if he can give the most chilling death-stare. Always willing to take a friend under his wing. ;)

  • “Interdimensional Aliens are a thing” HA! good one. Love the look on Lily’s face.

  • Yes, i guess you should mention that…

  • If the Bystander Magic doesn’t kick in soon, that poor girl’s gonna have a coocoo bird announcing the time from a little door in the middle of her forehead.

  • Sabreur

    Is she in shock? Or just overwhelmed by the majesty and grace of Tuxedo Murderbird? Time will tell.

  • Piemanlives

    Birdman has his priorities straight.

  • I feel like I was just hit by something because I wasn’t paying attention, like a little kid playing with grasshoppers instead of minding the goal.
    I LOVE IT! “Hello young lady. Now that we’ve turned your world upside down, how’s about inside out!”

  • “borked”? …Define?
    I’m not sure if it’s a word, but it seems to fit a meaning in a Dr. Seuss/Lewis Carroll kinda way.

  • Whether or not you should continue, depends upon its merit;
    Either way, that is to say, “Am I old enough to hear it?”

  • I had guess it derived from popular culture.

  • Nikary Flare

    Yeah, “we” probably should mention that x’D

  • tlwest

    Among computer geeks, it was used in the early 80’s to mean “hung”. i.e. something needing a reboot, but not broken. I don’t know if it made it to that seminal work, “The Devil’s D.P. (Data Processing) Dictionary” of 1981.

  • tlwest

    I just *love* her eyes in that shot.

  • Zeno Kgtv

    They must to have alot of work

  • ThatoneHarlequin

    annnnd there goes Lily’s brain. Poor girl. Gonna have to find the reset button

  • ExPaladin

    Lily’s Reality Check: “You know, maybe I DID take some weird drugs or something.”

  • Vezera

    I mean…naaah! Why would that be important!

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