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  • Jordan Hiller

    OK, there’s some serious bad blood between those two.

    • Well, whatever happened to their team, Farah obviously did SOMETHING that contributed/caused it…

    • Jeff Eppenbach

      My guess, somebody cheated on somebody else. In what combination, I can’t say.

      • I suspect Farah and Aeslinn were best friends in their high school days, based on a couple of the images in the prologue, and sometimes the worst breakups are friendship breakups.

    • maeverin

      my guess is Farah had to make an executive decision that ended up getting the blonde teammate killed and Aeslinn is still mad at her for it.

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    “The entire team died, except me.”

    “Eh-hem! Standing right here.”

    “I said, they are ALL DEAD.”

    • “Long ago, I lost my entire team…”
      “Sometimes, I can still hear their voices…”

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    So when she says she’ll do it, does she mean she can stay up 24/7 as part of her magical girl powers, or maybe she is going to send her handler to keep an eye out from the bushes nearby? :P

    Farah does sort of have a hard boiled detective thing going on though. This is what, the second time she’s looked almost ashamed of standing up for her principles? Once, when she was refusing the Empress’s mystery clause, and now here. She’s definitely got her own moral compass that she follows, perhaps that’s what makes her leader material, but it’s like she knows she’s not meeting expectations and she knows she’s going to go through with it anyways.

    Also, Aeslinn’s eyes in panel 5, you could cut glass with those eyes! (Also, I wonder… my knowledge of aperture physics is pretty elementary, but I bet having eyes like that would make it easier to read text, even if one’s eyesight was otherwise poor.)

  • Browser

    “Were” the Star Guardians’ problem…. So are the someone else’s problem now, or are they supposed to be no longer a problem?
    (Yeah, I could probably just go re-read the archive to answer this… but that means I’d miss out on this chance to speculate and ask stupid questions. :D )

    • Nikary Flare

      Probably were supposed to be no longer a problem.

  • Lostman

    I take it as someone getting a roommate.

  • ultimate_weirdo

    “But y-you, you’re just doing this to get out of scrubbing the cafe toilet aren’t you?!”

  • Nikary Flare

    The kind of hate when the hater would hate the hated even for things that don’t actually deserve the hate is the most annoying kind of hate.

    • Grey Heart

      That’s bad and you should feel bad

      • Nikary Flare

        Me? I don’t hate like that.

        • Grey Heart

          Why you do dis

          • Nikary Flare

            Do what?

          • Grey Heart

            (•ˋ _ ˊ•)
            You knoooooooow

          • Nikary Flare

            No, I don’t know. You seem like you’re offended by disapproval of hate. Why? You want the world to drown in hatred or something?

          • Grey Heart

            …seriously? Sure, let’s go with that, not that you said the word hate an excessive amount of times…

          • Nikary Flare

            Don’t blame me, you’re the one who didn’t even hint at what are you talking about and expected me to be telepathic. I’ll let you in on a secret: humans don’t have telepathy.

          • Grey Heart

            Okay. Sure

          • Nikary Flare

            What, now you don’t believe humans aren’t telepathic, too? If you reply to the wording of the comment instead of the comment itself, YOU yourself should say so from the beginning. Otherwise people would naturally assume you’re replying to the comment. You are the only one to blame here.

          • Grey Heart

            Okay. Sure

          • Nikary Flare

            Stop with the freakin’ sarcasm. It’s irritating.

          • Grey Heart

            Actually, I’m trying to de-escalate your apparent rage by using short, nonconfrontational words. I seem to be failing. Apologies. What you prefer me to say? Cuz I’m failing so hard

          • Nikary Flare

            To apologize for the misunderstanding and to clearly explain every time what do you actually mean instead of waiting for me to telepathically understand your replies, because me telepathically understanding anything is not going to happen.

            Your reply just now was good. “Short nonconfrontational words” only added fuel to the flames.

          • Kids, let’s stop and have a little holiday cheer, hmm?

          • Nikary Flare


          • Grey Heart

            Sorry, didn’t see your reply. Deleting my part in the convo, cuz frankly, it was silly and I no longer want any part of it. Merry Chrismakah!

  • VindictiveJudge

    Seriously, is Aeslin human or not? Pointed ears, slitted pupils, something’s not normal.

    • Baidol_Veris

      Depending on how much you want to read into visual similarities, Aeslinn may be related to the Star Guardian’s nemeses as shown on page 4: Similar hair color and possibly similar slit eyes. Not super similar and could be entirely coincidental.

  • Grey Heart

    Jeez, the ‘no-chill’ thing is catching. And it seems elf girl has a case of it

    • Aeslinn lives in a constant state of no-chill that is only sometimes hidden behind a mask of aloof coolness ;)

      • Grey Heart

        Ah, a lady (elf) after my own non-chill heart. Keep the panic internal, so no one can judge you for it. Salút, Aeslinn!

  • Zeno Kgtv

    Bad things happended?

  • Thomas Cranor

    If looks could kill, the entire room would probably be dead.

  • Psyraptor

    the sword through the chest in what i assume is the flashback to the final battle in the prologue would support that theory. And the trauma of having had to kill someone at such a young age probably lead to the team’s break up.

    Of course that could have been simply an underling…but still, trauma

  • Curt Clark

    Maybe it’s just my shoddy memory, but WHY is she looking at her like that? It looks almost outraged.

    • It’s not your memory, I haven’t really gone into why Aes is looking like that….. yet ;)

      • Curt Clark

        Ah, good.

        I haven’t been following this comic for long (though I already really dig it, especially Farah and the Flower Rangers), and I’m trying to figure out which on the List of Big Unanswered Mysterious Questions are things that haven’t been covered yet, and which are just ‘Curt can’t remember $#!+.” ^_^

        i.e.: “Does Leon have magic? Do Magical Boys exist?” = unanswered question becuase the story hasn’t gotten there yet.

        “What the heck is the blue-haired chick’s name again?” = unanswered question due to “Curt CR$.” (answer: Aeslinn).

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