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  • DataProwler Netizen

    Ooh! Anger! That’s always a good sign of a healthy mentality after a traumatic experience.

  • EvenTheSparrow

    I freaking love all the expressions in the last panel

  • Hakira

    Wow, it took that much for her to get a word in edgewise.

  • Sabreur

    She’s basically saying everything I want to say, only with more exclamation marks.

  • On top of the fact that she’s not responding in the way they expect her to I would imagine they’re all out of practice with dealing with this kind of thing.

    Perhaps she’s a magical girl who fell through the cracks. What happens to a magical girl if her destined enemy never shows up?

    • VindictiveJudge

      She doesn’t have any color splash so I don’t think she’s magical herself. Though I suppose she could have a birthmark with color or something.

      • Nightstiched

        well unless I’m missing something, Sabrina doesn’t have any color either. Unless her eyes are slightly purple. (I know Frederique are slightly blue)

        • Flimflamberge

          They are indeed purple.

          • VindictiveJudge

            Yep. Farah’s team has colored hair and the Flower Rangers have colored eyes. I’m guessing that future teams will also follow their own pattern.

        • Paul Stefanini

          As a person that can’t see blue – this comment confirms what I believed about the Flower Rangers. I couldn’t quite figure where their colour splash was if not their hair and such.

          That’s a load off my mind, sure why not?

      • Rose-Madder

        It could be that maybe her necklace held her powers, which is why she isn’t reacting to their magic but also is confused?

        • Vezera

          Well, for all we know, if she was one, she might only get her color splash once awakened, so to speak.

  • Yay for the cranky mundane!

  • Miri

    Yay for more drawing (don’t overdo things and re-injure yourself though – rest breaks are important) :D

    • Yes! I’m not worried too much about re-injuring myself, I hurt my arm in an accident rather than from overworking it and the months of rehab drilled in good habits ;)

  • evilvillain

    “We’re magical girls, not social workers!”

  • L. putnam

    Team member X-1 Reporting for duty! Or so I assume.

  • Donald Simmons

    Time for exposition!

  • ultimate_weirdo

    Bystander girl: new favourite character.

    • Bonnie K. F. Smith

      “Thank goodness you’re here, Bystander Girl!”

      • Paul Stefanini

        The Mumen Rider of Shattered Starlight.

  • Delta-v

    Well, they certainly had THAT coming. ^^

  • I don’t like getting shut out of the conversation too! Being the youngest of my family caused me to get stifled a lot when it came to speaking up for myself which is why I’ve taken up drawing to express myself most times.

  • Pangaea

    You’re still here? Just ignore our sunglasses and look into this red light.

  • yehaaa6

    I only hate that I have to wait a week to see how this resolves. everything else is perfect.

  • FennecFyre

    Good, I was waiting for Bystander Girl to finally get tired of all the vagueness xD

  • Ilmari

    If anything, this seems like an inversion of the bystander magic, at least as I understand it.

  • Thomas Cranor

    Tell us how you REALLY feel.

    • “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhahsjhsdfg!!”

  • Grey Heart

    Gurl, you need to find yo’ chill. Cuz you freakin’ OUT

    • I’d be freaking out too if I was just attacked by monsters and whisked away to a café full of rude women! XD

      • Grey Heart

        I dunno, them is some ca-raaaaazy eyes. Mebbe she predisposed to non-chill?

        • A fair enough assessment! XD

          • Grey Heart

            Imean, she did freak out hard enough to startle veteran Magical Girls. That’s gotta be a pretty hardcore freak-out ^_^

  • SilverPhoenix

    I hate when that happens too. People just ignoring your questions. Like… why?! That’s so rude! And frustrating! Aaaaaah, *vent vent*

  • Thomas Cranor

    Btw, nice way to segue into exposition. At least, I assume that is the intent.

  • Larkle

    You tell them bystander!

  • Vezera

    “Sorry, we’re just really not used to people in your position being able to ask that question right now.”

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