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This week, Bystander Girl is not having a great day. I somehow doubt she’s the only one >_<

I’m not much for soapboxes and I’m terrible at putting my thoughts into words, but as an aside, re: this shitbag of a 2016: Fellow writers/artists, people tempted to pick up a pencil or wacom pen and start making webcomics: do it. Write, draw, create things. Don’t let people trick you into thinking what you make and what you say is silly or doesn’t matter. Be heard, stand up for one another and keep going. I suck at this, but I’m here for you in the internet’s howling northern void :P



  • Paul Stefanini

    Monsters have memory altering properties… This explains so much.

    • Frank T. Morgan

      Intensely unpleasant experiences have memory altering properties too, don’t they? Just a thought.

  • Zyzzyva

    Admittedly, Farah and Aeslinn really don’t seem the delicate and circumspect types, but they couldn’t at least be _polite_ about world-upsetting revelations around the poor bystander? :P

    • They apparently keep expecting the local version of Sunnydale Syndrome to kick it, but it isn’t.

  • Jaycob B

    Love it so far! Keep it coming

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    As much as it hurts to see someone crying, I can’t help but do a imaginary fist pump that Ms. Bystander is hanging onto reality. Well, their reality I guess… They’re kind of implying that there might be multiple realities, so I can’t be sure.

    Still, I can’t help but imagine that there’s some magical girl version of Jack Nicholson yelling “You can’t handle the truth!” I wonder who would play that magical girl version.

    On the aside, this year has been rough, very rough. I’ve got tons of respect (metric) for people who can keep up working on comics. In the past, I always get a few pages in and then get discouraged at how things don’t look as good as I’d like, or the dialogue is too terse, or too rambling, and there are other more pressing concerns to worry about, etc. etc. But you’re right. You gotta keep trying, and you can’t let people trick you into thinking you’re no good, including yourself. Criticism can be important, but it’s no good to let it be the only voice that gets a say.

    What does and does not matter is something that we have to decide for ourselves. Life is what we make of it. :)

  • Rebel Tuba

    The eyes on your character are just wonderfully done.

    • I noticed this as well.
      The emotions and individual facial characteristics are very well defined; the use of shading and texture nicely define their form as well. The character evolution/definition that Nicole discussed on the Halloween page is evident here.

  • Kinda cavalier about the damaged psyches of innocent bystanders, aren’t they?

    Of course, when you see something every day in your chosen career (whether you chose it or it chose you), you kinda get soemwhat hardened…

  • Ilmari


    . . .

    As for the “soapbox”, thanks for the encouragement. I’ve plugged away at drawing for years beyond counting – still at the conclusion that I’m a storyteller, but not an artist – but I like to think it’s right to keep at it, no matter what.

    And on darker days, its the joy of stories – like yours – that brightens my mood. I imagine its the same for others, too. So just so’s you know, you’re doing a world of good. ;-)

  • Lily Moon

    <3 much love for all my comic artists (i read tons). a number of the comics I read have fallen out of regular updates, or updates all together due to health/family/goodness knows whats going on in their world. I hope they all know they have so much support from their readers! I have an urge to go post on every one now ;_;

    as an artist myself struggling lately with actually doing any art and feeling SO RUSTY now when i do try, i have so much respect for the artists who can make enough time to do something every day.

    I read both this and fey winds, and love them both so please keep up the good work! 'u'

  • Delta-v

    So the Bystander hasn’t reverted to psyche-comforting amnesia? Could it be possible that she was supposed to be a Magical Girl herself, but something went awry? Is such a thing possible in the Shattered Starlight universe?

    And I second your soapbox discourse. Artists and writers should follow their dreams. :)

    • Either that or possibly the bystander magic is broken

      • Delta-v

        Ah, good point! S. :)

  • Ashen

    Thanks for the words of support and encouragement, love. This year’s seen some of the best and worst things come to pass. We have to fight harder than ever to uphold the good in our country and in ourselves.

    I’m curious where your gorgeous comic will go from here! Keep up the great work!

  • WaytoomanyUIDs

    Hey, free coffee is one things, but muffins? Nooo.

  • DataProwler Netizen

    Refer the bystander to higher-ups, make it their problem dealing with her. Need to send report that killed overlord is not as ideally dead anyways.

  • Warren Scott

    “Still, I can’t help but imagine that there’s some magical girl version of Jack Nicholson yelling “You can’t handle the truth!” I wonder who would play that magical girl version.”

    He’s busy making the Muffins. (duh!)

  • Regular muffins are tasty, but I don’t think “magical” muffins are. In Fairly Odd Parents movie Abra-Catastrophe, the “Fairy-versary” muffin (which can alter all time, matter, and reality) was quoted as, “It is all powerful, but it isn’t tasty!”
    For the sake of their business (and for the well being of the universe), it would be best for them to stick with regular “tasty” muffins.

  • I agree. It’s apathy toward the previous (resolved) situation more than lack of concern for the victim. “Hardened” is a good word for it. I empathize, seeing a similar trait in fellow vets and friends who serve as police.

  • Frank T. Morgan

    I’m so glad you have the vote link on this page. If you’re already putting up a vote link on every page, it’s a good idea, because then I can read your comic and vote for it from the same page. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! (…Uh, that’s just a figure of speech. Not meant to be weird, or anything.)

  • Vezera

    So reality has a will? Or does it just tend toward certain things, ironing out “irregularities” by it’s nature? Does this effect other things? Is it funny that this is the more interesting takeaway for me, even compared to Aeslinn repeating the thing’s Farah’s done and what that implies?

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