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  • Paul Stefanini
    • Tim Popelier

      The light is just for show though.

    • D. Schwartz

      Dr Dinosaur never gets old.

  • everqueen

    She was ready to fight too, look at her sword

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    She couldn’t run as fast in those pants.

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    That sense of depth in panel 2 is really striking. Like for a second, my mind’s eye wants to think that Aeslinn is in the background because the momentary judgement of the size of her head compared to Farah’s, when only part of it is showing. But then I notice that Farah’s hair is behind her, and it’s like *BAM!* that’s just how much taller Aeslinn really is.

    And the motion in their hair between panels, while Farah is otherwise motionless. (except for those eyes…) That is really cool.

    Shame they didn’t find what’s-her-name’s pendant. :(

    ( On an tangential note, I carved a cthonian-o-lantern the other day: )

  • Delta-v

    And now Aeslinn looks like a fool. Now she either has to apologize, or lash out in anger. Gee, I wonder which she’ll choose. :)

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  • Having Farah wave off the residual energy/heat from her hands in panel 3 was a nice touch.
    Adds some “Hell Yeah!” to the slow, nonchalant walk away.
    Farah just dropped the mic!

    • It’s her de-summoning her hockey stick! Admittedly, she didn’t have to do it in a “pfft, later” kinda way… but then, diplomacy, Farah…. XD

      • Lol, I just got that. You posted just as I was editing the ignorance out of my post. I was trying to sweep it under the rug but you caught me.

  • icekatze

    Not gonna lie, I’ve got a bit of an urge to try squishing it with my foot. :P


      this pumpkin is an honor! an adorable, angry little cthonian honor!!!

      • icekatze

        Well, it’s just a little urge. About on the same level as that urge people might sometimes get to toss their boss through several rows of cubicles. You know, something that nobody would ever actually do. ;)

        • Hey, icekatze, but you … TOOK that end! And well… you took it. And I guess that’s something.

  • VindictiveJudge

    “Everyone knows that good communication is the key to good leadership!”

    So you’re saying that Farah was a horrible leader? Because, you know, that’s not seeming unlikely. Not really a team player.

  • “This means something!

    “I must must mould a mountain using mashed potatoes!”

  • Ilmari

    “You’re late, I already got this shit sorted.”
    Farah surprises me though, pausing for that pensive moment in the first panels. Guess all the dramatic screenplay from her Magical Girl days hasn’t quite been worked out of her system yet. :p

    • She has a lot on her mind, and her training means it manifests in dramatic pauses ;)

  • Vezera

    What did beating them the first time cost you, Aeslinn?

  • Bryan

    I just noticed Aeslinn’s pupils… are vertical slits. This worries me twice as much in her world’s setting as it would in another world’s setting.

  • Rebel Tuba

    I really like the facial work.

  • Frank T. Morgan

    Life and soul of the party, she is. For that matter, what does she think she’s playing at, to coin a phrase?

  • Zeno Kgtv

    The face of the blue girl… say “Oh… shit… shit… shit!”

  • Donald Simmons

    I didn’t notice this until my re-read of the comic, but Aeslinn has a sword here. What’s she “playing” at?

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