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  • Fred seems a little MORE….
    I mean, like there’s more of her than there was a dozen episodes ago.
    Has Forget-me-not forgot not to eat the cafe’s profits?
    Still the costume is very daring.
    I feel bad for mentioning now.

    • Her regular skirt and sleeves are longer, but that ought to be the only difference. And I’m thinking yeah, you should feel bad about mentioning it, actually. My plan with Starlight is to have characters of all shapes and sizes, and just like real people, folks shouldn’t get a free pass on judgy comments about their bodies. ;)

      (That said, feel free to judge if I draw someone with a super disproportionate head and potato hands or arms with joints in the wrong places though, by all means)

      • Ilmari

        Well said, I appreciate a story where the characters don’t all have the body of a model. Or an animated stick figure.

        I dare say that Fred has a healthier figure than the character she’s dressed as, actually; I recall that Sailor Moon had some very… stylized… depictions of people.

      • I thought that the proportions of the character model had changed since the character’s introduction. Though I could have asked whether or not you were changing the direction of the character without the coarse joke.
        My comment was without class; I’m sorry.

        • It’s alright, wondering if perceived changes in a character are intentional or not isn’t a bad question in itself. As for the rest, let’s move on!

          To answer your question: The very first times I draw a character are not always the best ones, it takes me some time to get a feel for the character on paper, to get to know them so to speak. Fred (and all my characters) might have changed a little since I first drew them, but it’s just because I’m getting better at drawing them “right”.

          Also, and I don’t think this has happened yet on Shattered Starlight, but with time my style will evolve whether I want it to or not, and there’s no better proof of that than checking out the way Kit changes over the course of Fey Winds!

          • Doesn’t matter how many times (or situations) I see Kit in, or how often I revisit previous chapters of Fey Winds; in my mind I always picture Kit’s face with a mouth full of mouse or that big toothy grin.

      • kilobyte

        As someone who does not look like a model, I always appreciate when authors do this

  • Oh, gods; the visuals this just gave me…

    • WaytoomanyUIDs

      Did he wear spats? because now I’m thinking stiletto boots with spats.

  • They both look great in those costumes!

  • Larkle

    Hm, is this foreshadowing a future romantic pairing?

  • star_vein

    I love both of them here! The beauty of costume is that you can dress totally different than you usually do. : ) Fred in particular looks pretty fine. The sailor uniform accents her curves!

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