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  • IchBinKeinBaum .

    I can’t wait. Can you give us any ETA?

    Also, how is your elbow doing? I hope it’s getting better.

    • No ETA yet, only vague hopes! My elbow is a slowpoke, but a steadily improving slowpoke, so I’m feeling pretty good! ;)

  • Psyraptor

    btw, that Cote-Vertu, not cote-verte, cote-vertu is one end of the orange metro line, i used to work there for about 4-5months

    • I wrote the wrong name on purpose for Côte-Vertu, the metro is my loud, smelly old friend ;)
      I’m probably going to make most streets/stations have the wrong names, for fun/AU and fictional-ness, so I don’t need to have a million disclaimers on every page where there’s a metro station. XD

      • Psyraptor

        Haha, fair enough, happy to hear you’re a local. On peut-tu s’attendre a une coupe de sacres ici pis la? Ain’t quebec if there ain’t any swearing, hell, there’s a song made entirely out of swear words sung in folk music style

        Ain;t more quebec than swearing and snow

        P.S: if you already knew that than…well good on you, lol

        • Hehe, when it comes to snow and swearing… I grew up en Abitibi so I had to learn to swear LESS during my teens and not more! (I sounded like an angry lumberjack and scared people) I’d never heard the song before, but I know all the words by heart! ;)

          Il y a une couple de persos qui vont sacrer mais un jour je veux traduire la BD au complet en français, alors il y aura probablment pas mal plus d’osti de tabarnak dans la V.F. éventuelle!

          As it is, the first version of the comic will probably be mostly in english (it’s my first language and I have an easier time writing in it) with a little bit of french (mostly swearing) here and there, and then the eventual french version will be the reverse! Translating will be interesting!

          • Pimellon

            As a French person, I have no clue what that song is saying… I even had to rely on context clues just to understand what Psyraptor said XD
            If you ever do translate the comic into French, are you going to make it extremely Québécois, since it happens in Québec? haha

          • Hehe! It’s church terms (hostie de christ de tabernacle etc) which became the main form of Québécois swearing in the 19th century:
            (the article is a bit off, and they aren’t really considered “worse” than other swearing imo, but it gives a good idea. The conjugations are on point though!)

            As for the eventual translation, that’s part of what I think will be difficult for me! I’m going to try for something neutral-French with a bit of Québécois in there, because no matter whether it’s English or French I find phonetic accents in text really distracting… but I don’t know what level of Quebec slang will “sound right” to me yet. I do want it to sound like it’s set in Montreal, but I also definitely want it to be understood by people from outside the province! XD

            I’ll have to do some testing soon…

          • Pimellon

            Hehe, well I can’t promise anything but feel free to ask me if you have any questions when writing the French version ^^

      • Funny, where I’m from, I read that as “Coyote Verde”; in spanish that takes on a whole different meaning.

  • When I first saw this a few months ago, I thought she was standing in a public place surrounded by a bunch of strangers as if you were introducing one character (or one and a half, depending on interpretation). Now I recognize characters as you’ve introduce them over time. Were you simply testing concepts, or was this meant to be an introduction of all the characters that would be appearing?
    Clever girl.
    (That was a pop culture Jurassic Park reference, not patronizing gender related comment)
    Not to say that you in any way resemble a dinosaur….
    -Digging hole deeper-
    I’m gonna stop talking now.

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