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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 published on 22 Comments on Chapter 2

me: my comic is SERIOUS it’s about RELATIONSHIPS and GRIEF and FRIENDSHIP!

also me: [draws picture of Farah in a Card Captor Sakura style floofy ribbony dress with a coffee cup for customer “fuck off”]

(PS, now that we’ve hit Chap. 2 I’ll be updating the character bios soon to add everybody we’ve met so far in Chap. 1)

And in other news of the less goofy variety: Not only has the funding goal been met for Fey Winds Book 1 on Kickstarter, but the first stretch goal too!! Now both covers will have extra fancy spot gloss!! I’m thrilled to have made it even this far, and really excited to make the books a real thing!! From here on out, if we hit 35k everybody ordering a physical book will also get (at least) one (probably fancy) bookmark, and if we hit 40k there’ll also be a sticker sheet for every book order too!! I’m really excited to make these books a real thing, and I’ve basically been in a constant state of bewildered gratitude since the campaign launched! XD

Anyhoo, here’s a tiny gleeful Kit I (roughly) animated to celebrate hitting the goal!

  • CardcaptorRLH85

    I’ve been really into the “modern take on the magical girl” genre for the last few years and this is a really good one.

    Also, +1 for the Cardcaptor Sakura style dress. CCS was my first complete magical girl series.

    • Thanks!! :D CCS was my first magical girl series too, and still my favourite! XD

      • Psyraptor

        same, though Sakura shares the seat of top dog with Nanoha from magical girl lyrical Nanoha

  • Jac

    So relatable.

  • Kaunisenkeli

    I love that cup. Makes me glad I always take a reusable mug, but I love that cup.

  • VindictiveJudge

    Kit looks even cuter than usual there.

  • Ilmari

    Somehow I never thought Farah would deign to wear something like that.

    The “name” she’s used on the coffee cup though, that is totally what I expect of her.

    . . .

    Also that animated Kit is adorable. I’m saving a copy. :)

    • Oh she’d never wear something like that willingly… but chapter covers don’t count!
      The coffee is probably for me……. XD

      • Ilmari

        Well, after you put her in that dress, a “fuck off” seems almost civil. :p

  • Delta-v

    The traditional Magical Girl costume with the ribbon bedecked tennis shoes made me laugh. The shoes are just so absolutely Farah. ^^

    • The Wizard of Iz

      Every Magical Girl should wear chucks. ;)

  • The Wizard of Iz

    Farah has the perfect deadpan. XD

  • Kelsey Norden

    This is my aesthetic.

  • Seeing this I wonder when the last time Farah smiled was.

  • Derrick Keith Feemster

    i believe that my wife would wear this lol.

  • sdgw1999

    Sooooo… Will the character Bio’s include the customers? Or do I have to wait for a spin off series to find out

    the tragic back story of Mr Murderbird?

  • Lily Moon

    cool title page :3



  • Matt [in Middletown]

    Farah: “I’m only doing this mocha java commercial because you’re paying me for it.”

  • RagnaBloodedge

    I love how…sarcastic this page is. Nicole, this is priceless. Especially the bows on the converse boots.

    Fey Winds will always be my favorite, but this is looking amazing so far.

  • Jazz Anarchist

    Favorite magical Girl anime are probably Madoka Magicka and Kill La Kill. Maybe Yuki Yuuna too. ^^

  • Zeno Kgtv

    Hahahaha This will be a good poster

  • Vezera

    I would tip extra to a theatrically snarky barista who wrote my name as “Fuck Off” and remembered my order was for me anyway.

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