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*microphone feedback noise*

*microphone feedback noise* published on 1 Comment on *microphone feedback noise*

Hey there internet! *uncomfortably loud screech*

Shattered Starlight now actually has a proper website!

And I’m still alive!!

Sorry for the radio silence, but for those who are just joining the show, late last year I slipped and fell and bent my elbow waaaaaaay too far backwards with all my weight on it. (The actual term I think is “hyperextension injury” but I like to refer to it as The Elbowpocalypse, or “Snap Crackle Pop Oh Shit Motherfuck–“) I thought I might have broken it, but it turned out the bones were pretty much the only things that came out unscathed. Since then, I’ve been mostly unable to work and draw (and type and play games, alas) but I’ve been getting steadily better over the past few months! And, as you might guess by the fact that I’m posting this right now, my nightmare is hopefully almost over!

I still don’t have a firm date for when I’ll be able to start updating, it’s going to depend on how fast or slowly my arm heals in the coming weeks/months basically, but my arm is pretty much the only thing holding me back right now. For those who are impatient, I’ve got the PDF of the prologue chapter available on Gumroad. And, if you’re new to my comics, my other webcomic Fey Winds has around four hundred pages’ worth of archives to binge! (It is also in limbo because of my arm, but I hope I’ll be able to get back to it soon too!)

See you soon!!

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