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  • Jeff Eppenbach

    And, next time, the reveal!

  • mon

    i like how she already calls them the gang, so cute

    • She’s definitely been acting like a team leader the past few panels.

  • I like the approach – mostly monochrome with spot colour.

    • Jazz Anarchist

      Reminds me of Sin City a Dame to Kill for.

      • Please don’t remind me of Miller after the Brain Eater got him.

        It is (or was) a very common technique in European comics – i used to see it in Italian comics i bought while the Navy had me in Sicily in 1971.

        • I can’t say I like a lot of the things Miller has said, but I do like his esthetic! ;)
          And out of curiosity Fairportfan, do you know any of the names of those comics? I’d be curious to see! :D

          • Forty-five years later i’m lucky to be remember where i was that year. Sorry.

          • No worries at all!

          • VindictiveJudge

            Miller seems to have gone insane at some point, but he makes some really good art.

  • Delta-v

    It’s obvious that Aeslinn is badly shaken by discovering that Cthonians are still around. I’m eager to see what the backstory on this is.

    Um, it pains me to say this, but Shattered Starlight has dropped 40 points on TWC since the end if October, with about 22 votes cast per day, currently. If you also would like to see the comic sitting in a better spot, click on THIS LINK and give a helping vote.

  • Team Leader attitude coming through — I like it!

  • Thomas Cranor

    Team leaders are born, not elected, selected or made from unicorn tears.

  • Jazz Anarchist

    Speaking of eldritch horrors, I can’t beat Amygdala in Bloodborne Nicole. :(

    • He can be really annoying! I’ve never beat him on NG+, but on my first playthrough I found it easiest when I was standing a bit in front of his feet and wailing on those weak spots as hard as I could as soon as they were in range :)

      • Jazz Anarchist

        I was able to get him to about half health by using Ludwig’s Holy Blade to get a visceral attack on him, but his freaking jump attack takes me out in one hit. >_<

        • iirc there’s a sweet spot you can stand, sort of between his feet and a bit in front, that makes it easier to avoid his jumps until he goes really crazy at the end… at which point i vaguely remember running around like a maniac until he stopped jumping quite so much XD

          this kinda makes me want to stream bloodborne one of these days…

          • Jazz Anarchist

            Ah thanks, yeah I stream on occasion on Twitch, my handle is JazzAnarchist. ^^

  • icekatze

    hi hi

    One wonders just what the Cthonians, beings of the Earth as the name implies, are doing with stardust. Nefarious things, no doubt.

    Also, I sure hope Ms. Bystander isn’t sitting right there. That’d be pretty awkward. :P

  • Vezera

    Dealing with this is the most relaxed I think I’ve seen Farah in the comic.

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