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  • Jeff Eppenbach

    Hmm… Do I detect some coupling here?

    • Kaunisenkeli

      I was wondering the same thing.

      • It depends on who you mean! If you’re talking about Farah and Orion, they were definitely fighting* just previous to this scene. And their truce is temporary… just as long as the bubbly lasts! ;)

        *actually fighting, not “fighting” fighting

  • Lara Putnam

    Coupling, yes Ill show you coupling, my fist to your right eye.
    looks like they re both hungover.
    Oh you might like the novel Princess Holy Aura, which is A magic girl adventure or as one character says “My sister is Sailor Moon!!? “

    • Ryk Spoor

      Thanks for mentioning _Princess Holy Aura_!

      That’s actually one of my favorite scenes, though it’s not sister, it’s daughter; one of the parents, who was obviously something of a fan when they were younger, says “My God! My daughter is _Sailor Moon!_” (obviously awed/excited)
      Then an instant later, the implications hit him:

      “My God. My _daughter_ is Sailor Moon.”

      (as a parent myself I was channeling the thought of finding out my child was now chosen to fight things I couldn’t)

      Again, thanks so much for the kind words! :)

      • Lara Putnam

        Thanks you sir, for the very good read, a part of me wishes that Holy Aura will have a happy life and part of me wishes she would live in exciting times, and we would have more adventures…Who knows but he is not talking and might not remember without K9. thank you again for the story.

        • Ryk Spoor

          My pleasure. If you haven’t seen it, you might enjoy the companion story “On-Site for the Apocalypse” which gives part of the book from the OSC agent point of view. (it’s here: )

          As the ending of the book implies, they’re not going to have dull boring lives, at least not right away. The world’s changing, and that’s their fault. :)

          • Lara Putnam

            Question is will Holy Aura reappear , if she does I claim Shotgun. Yes it was nice to see what makes Agent Kisaragi tick, and why she did what she did. just remember case.
            Thank you.

          • Ryk Spoor

            Hey, don’t use a shotgun on Holy Aura! First of all it’s impolite, and second it will just annoy her. :)

          • L. putnam

            True,so true, well; there is always ice cream then,the calaries will not bother her.

            good luck with the books, then.

          • Ryk Spoor

            Indeed, the calories are no longer a threat!

            Thanks so much!

  • WaytoomanyUIDs

    Belated Happy New Year, everyone!

    • Happy New Year to you too! :D

  • I would also do that. But Farah is too busy waving it around and screaming herself… XD

  • Looks like Farah reached the morning after before the night before was quite done.

  • yehaaa6

    Fred looks lovely, as always.

  • …foreshadowing?

  • Vezera

    My shipping goggles are officially going bonkers over those cuties in the background.

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